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RSS integration into YouTube launches chapter-aware YouTube uploads

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Google Blubrry

Megaphone migrations

  • Above - watching our podcast host migration tool, you’ll often see shows migrating to Spotify’s Megaphone. Working with an investor, we’ve learnt that since early 2021, Podnews’s sample data shows that Spotify’s Megaphone has migrated at least 2,428 shows to its network from other hosting companies: representing shows with a total of 131 million listeners. The number of shows being migrated in our sample continues to increase; though the shows transferring recently have fewer listeners.Megaphone

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Podcast News

New Podcast Trailers
New Podcast Trailers is there for everyone wanting to find a new show to listen to, from the pages of Podnews and updated daily.Podnews
The Economics of Everyday Things
The Economics of Everyday Things is a brand new show from Freakonomics Radio, which launched last night after a successful pilot. What happens to used hotel soap? How do pop songs make their money? The show’s first episode looks at the economics of professional sports mascots.
The Closer
Some big deals change the world. The Closer is new today, with stories that are everything you want in a good drama: tales of failure, betrayal, high stakes and big risks. Every episode, financial journalist Aimee Keane reveals how a deal made in a boardroom somewhere has an impact on our everyday lives. It’s new from Project Brazen and PRX.PRX
The Missing
Around 170,000 people are reported missing every year in the UK. That’s one disappearance every 90 seconds. The Missing returns for a new season today, telling the story of a long-term missing person who has never been traced. Produced by charities Locate International and Missing People, perhaps you can help solve some of these real-life searches for missing family members.

Podcast data for Jun 12

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Scamanda (Lionsgate Sound)
The Rest Is Politics (Goalhanger Podcasts)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Louis Theroux Podcast (Spotify Studios)

Over the last week, 209,626 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 103.0%). source


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