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Spotify’s Megaphone to return to IAB certification

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  • Exclusive: Spotify’s Megaphone is working to be recertified to the IAB Podcast Measurement Guidelines. Earlier this year, Podnews revealed that the company had pulled out of IAB membership, and its companies had been removed from IAB’s certification program. Now, in a welcome move, the company’s enterprise podcast hosting platform Megaphone says it is working to regain certification. A Spotify spokesperson told Podnews: “We have remained committed to IAB’s mission, have maintained compliance with the IAB guidelines, and are currently working with the IAB on the v2.2 certification of the Megaphone platform.”

  • Spotify for Podcasters remains the #1 podcast host based on new episodes in May. Megaphone has been falling in share since August, but saw a small increase in episode share last month. Meanwhile, Podtrac is now measuring over 11% of all new podcast episodes, including almost 60% of new episodes on Spreaker. Open analytics service OP3 measured 342,000 new episodes in May.

  • In Dubai, the Dubai Press Club has launched the Arab Podcast Programme, an initiative to drive the development of the region’s media industry and build the podcasting capabilities of audio content creators and media professionals. The DBC also released a 22-page report on podcasting in the Arab world.

Thank you to CoHost for returning as a gold supporter. CoHost is a podcast analytics and audience insights platform built for brands and podcast agencies - and are IAB certified. The company, and its owner Quill, have been long-term supporters of Podnews: helping us report on the industry. You can join them.

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  • Wondering how other podcasts like yours are doing in downloads? OP3 analytics are open to everyone, and our sister publication Podcast Business Journal publishes a selection of podcasts measured by the service, to help you compare.

  • Wondering how many podcasts there are, and how many you’re competing with? The Podcast Business Journal can help with that. Looks like the number of active podcasts has been slowly declining since March.

Podcast News

    PodQuiz weekly trivia quiz
    Congratulations to James Carter - his podcast PodQuiz weekly trivia quiz reached episode 1,000 last week. It started in May 2005. “It’s really heartening that this independent podcast has sustained so long”, says the reader that sent us the tip-off.
    Door Key
    The history podcast Door Key is featuring stories like the Stonewall Uprising and Sally Ride across Pride Month. The show’s host is April, who says she’s “a dork with a deep love of history who wants to talk about it”.
    Girls Gotta Eat
    Play trailerHit comedy dating and relationships podcast Girls Gotta Eat has joined the Dear Media podcast network. The show will move to twice-weekly.
    The Trial of Lord Lucan
    Play trailerLord Lucan disappeared fifty years ago in 1974, after his child’s nanny was murdered. His trial never took place - until now. The Trial of Lord Lucan uses exclusive, never-before-seen documents written by Det Chief Supt Roy Ranson, who headed the 1974 murder investigation, and will finally decide whether Lord Lucan was guilty or not guilty. And you are the jury - it’s up for a public vote at the end of the week.
    Animal is new from The New York Times - a six part audio series recorded around the world, asking what we can learn about our lives by looking at the lives of other animals.
    Deadman's Curse: Volcanic Gold
    Play trailerDeadman’s Curse: Volcanic Gold returns today for a new season. A historical true crime podcast, produced by Great Pacific Media (GPM), Curiouscast and Corus Entertainment, tells the story of a prospector for a gold mine suddenly disappearing in British Columbia. The first season won three Signal Awards.
    Desert Skies
    Play trailerPopular fiction podcast Desert Skies returns for its second season today: a quirky, comedic, and heartfelt fiction podcast about life between this world and the next. The story takes place along the road of a lonely highway at a gas station in the afterlife… and every character in the podcast is voiced by one person!
    Food on Tour
    Food on Tour is back for a new season, with touring drummer Mike Robinson having mouth watering conversations with professional musicians and artists to uncover their most cherished bars and restaurants. From hidden gems to 5 star meals at iconic establishments around the world, the show comes out every Monday.

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Podcast data for Jun 3

#1 in Apple Podcasts
US flag The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
IE flag Bronwyn (The Australian)

#1 in Spotify
US flag The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
IE flag The 2 Johnnies Podcast (The 2 Johnnies)

Over the last week, 198,125 podcasts published at least one new episode (up 1.3%). source

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