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Podcaster’s show pirated in another language

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  • Someone has been taking the podcast A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs and, without credit, translating it into French for nearly two years, says the host, earning money from it, too. Andrew Hickey, who hosts the podcast, warns “I am going to give him until Monday to take all those episodes down and post an apology before I contact a lawyer”.

  • Captain Diligaf, who Hickey alleges is the podcaster, has taken down his Patreon (it was earning $76 a month under the name Philippe Gateau - a name which takes the cake). His podcast appears to be no longer listed at Apple. It’s still hosted at Spotify for Podcasters, however.

  • Does Diligaf’s podcast copy the original? Diligaf’s Apr 17 ’24 episode of “The Four Tops I Can’t Help Myself” says it “constitue la deuxième partie d’une série de trois épisodes consacrés à la Motown de 1965”, while Hickey’s 8 Sep ’21 episode of “I Can’t Help Myself” by the Four Tops says it “is part two of a three-episode look at Motown in 1965.” C’est une coïncidence étonnante!

The Tech Stuff - with

  • Buzzsprout launched fanmail last week - probably the closest we have to “cross-app comments” for now. Given that over 4 out 5 podcasts are listened to on a mobile device, the service places a link in your episode notes, which opens your text app, adding a code to route the message to the podcast that you’re listening to. This link will send a message to us, via the Podnews Weekly Review; and the system shows the messages to the podcaster via the Buzzsprout app.

    • Buzzsprout’s Kevin Finn talks more about the service in the Podnews Weekly Review podcast this week; and Cameron Moll of Buzzsprout says on Twitter that it was built in six weeks.
    • The system uses Twilio, and pricing on their website indicates that texts cost Buzzsprout up to 0.79 cents each message to receive. Messages are sent to a 904 (Jacksonville FL) number.
  • The podcast:publisher tag is now formalised into the new podcast namespace. The tool allows you to link to a list of the shows you publish, which is helpful for podcast directories. Podnews supports it in our RSS.

Tips and tricks - with Ausha 🚀

Podcast News - with Airwave

    [REDACTED] History
    Play trailerWith Airwave: REDACTED History’s Andre White says: “Joining the Airwave Team was probably the best thing I could have done early on in my podcast journey. In six months, my show downloads tripled.”
    My Morning Devotional
    My Morning Devotional has posted its 1,000th episode - a special reunion between the founder, Alison Delamota, and the four new co-hosts who took over the show after Alison stepped away to heal from a personal tragedy. The 1000th episode features all 5 hosts doing a normal 5 minute “daily dose of heaven”, followed by reflections on the 999 shows prior.
    Better Podcasting
    Play trailerIn Better Podcasting this week, the team look at the new IAB guidelines, and Spotify’s withdrawal.
    Italian, For Sure  |  Italian Culture Guide via Conversations with Italians in Italy
    Play trailerNew last week, Italian, For Sure describes itself as an ultimate (and accurate) guide to Italian culture. The show goes beyond the cliches and stereotypes to reveal the true Italian way of living. It’s hosted by Catrin Skaperdas, an American living in Italy, interviewing locals who passionately share their wisdom, stories and insights about Italy. Prego!

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