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Max Cutler
Feidhelm Beli

Max Cutler launches PAVE Studios

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  • The New York Festivals Radio Awards announced the winners for 2024. We’ve linked here to the podcast winners; there are 23 Gold winners. Bloodlines, from CBC and BBC, won a Grand award; the BBC was awarded Broadcaster of the Year.

  • The Australian Podcast Ranker for March was released. Hamish & Andy return to #1 for monthly listeners; the show’s first weekly episode this year was posted on Feb 28. (Notably, the show has moved away from titles like “Hamish & Andy 2023 Ep 240”, and instead is using more attention-grabbing titles like “2024 Ep 247 - The Amazing Hat Prank”). The ABC’s Conversations is #1 by total downloads.

    • One of the two big Australian commercial podcast publishers, ARN, is bidding to buy the other, its competitor SCA. “If the proposal goes ahead, we expect ARN would close its iHeart app and shift to LiSTNR as a single audio streaming platform,” says an analyst from Morgan Stanley.
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  • Audiobooks are a hit for Spotify - 25% of Spotify Premium users (in US,UK,AU) have “engaged” with audiobooks, the company tells us. In the US, new audiobook listeners are spending 2.5 hours longer in the app in the 14 days since starting a book; and cross-promoting a RuPaul book from an appearance by RuPaul on Call Her Daddy led to a 34% increase in consumption.

    • The company also points out it’s resulted in more revenue for publishers: “Without Spotify, royalties for independent authors would have increased to 23% from Q1 of '23 to Q1 of '24, but with Spotify’s addition of Audiobooks in Premium, independent authors have seen a 95% jump in their royalties.”
  • People in Quebec call podcasts “balados”, according to the latest edition of Pod The North. In France, however, they’re all about “le podcast”.

Tips and tricks - with Memberful

Podcast News - with New Podcast Trailers - the podcast

    Morning Coffee Notes
    It’s even worse than it appears. Podnews has restored one of the original podcasts, Morning Coffee Notes from Dave Winer; and now you can listen on your modern podcast app. The show is a snapshot of tech history - Dave talks to Robert Scoble after MacWorld 2008, interviews Chris Brogan about posting 100 “tweets”, records the first podcast to be broadcast on KYOU, tries the Motorola Droid out for the first time: and sings.
    Status: Untraced
    Play trailerStatus: Untraced is new from Tenderfoot TV today - investigating the mysterious disappearance of adventurer and tech entrepreneur, Justin Alexander Shetler. The Parvati Valley is sometime referred to as “the valley of death,” infamous for a string of mysterious disappearances. Host Liam Luxon aims to find out what happened to Justin - is he still alive? Was he murdered? Was there an accident?
    What Could Go Right?
    Play trailerWhat Could Go Right? returns for a new season today. Produced by the Progress Network, the show dissects the central issues of our era – ranging from climate change to political divisiveness – and offers a weekly dose of optimistic ideas from smart people.

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Podcast data for Apr 17

#1 in Apple Podcasts
US flag Serial (Serial Productions & The New York Times)
ZA flag The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck Podcast (Mark Manson)

#1 in Spotify
US flag The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
ZA flag What Now? with Trevor Noah (Spotify Studios)

Over the last week, 209,547 podcasts published at least one new episode (up 0.1%). source


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