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Ratings and reviews do not affect ranking in Apple Podcasts

December 25, 2019 · 2.4 minutes to read

I took this screenshot of the top 12 shows in all of Apple Podcasts yesterday, and I added text showing the number of ratings and reviews for each show. Note that the current highest-ranking show has the second least number of ratings and reviews (1.5K), beating a show with 134K ratings and reviews. And note that the #9 result has only 209 ratings and reviews. That’s not 209,000; it’s only 209. And it’s ranking better than a show with 60K ratings and reviews. So if ratings and reviews affected ranking, then Crime Junkie would be beating The Joe Rogan Experience, most of these podcasts would be in this top-12 list, and Solve would be near the bottom of all podcasts. I’ve collaborated with others who have helped podcasts climb the charts with legitimate audience growth and almost no ratings and reviews. And I’ve seen the data from others who get lots of ratings and reviews, but don’t climb the charts.

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