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Julie Shapiro

A new chapter for Julie Shapiro

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Below, in our People section, read news of Julie Shapiro’s move

  • Chinese podcasting company Ximalaya has pushed back the launch of its planned IPO in Hong Kong. They were seeking $100 million, but Bloomberg reports market volatility is to blame.

  • A little tweak to the Apple Podcasts page about video podcasts: “Apple Podcasts supports up to 4K video but 1080p is recommended to provide a high-quality viewing experience without requiring significant device storage or data.”

  • We promised we’d remind you of Apple’s email: “On June 25 [tomorrow], starting at 6:00 a.m. PDT [9am NY, 2pm London, 11pm Sydney], Apple Podcasts Connect will be unavailable for up to three hours. Make sure you complete any critical deliveries or changes before this date and time.”

Moves and hires - with The Creators, from Sounds Profitable

Tips and tricks - with RedCircle

  • “It’s amazing how many shows don’t have a website,” says Matt Deegan, going on to suggest what should be on your podcast website.

    • This isn’t really the place for our own opinions, but we’d suggest the official buttons for Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts should be on any podcast website.
  • Daria Suvorova, from the Women Authors of Achievement Podcast, has posted her lessons learned when starting a podcast from scratch. “Promote your show with consistency”, she suggests.

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Podcast News - with Post Script Media

From Post Script Media: In the latest episode of Climavores: You’ve read the bumper stickers: “Eat local” or 'Who’s your farmer?" But eating local is not a climate solution. Turns out, transport is less than 10% of food CO2. What does this mean for our feel-good trip to the farmer’s market? Hosts Tamar Haspel and Mike Grunwald dig in.
Reply All
The last episode of Reply All - at least, as we know it - is now out and reviewed; though some could argue the last episode as we know it was in March last year. It features twenty minutes with the mysterious musician Breakmaster Cylinder, and finishes with a thank you from Alex Goldman to everyone who’s listened - “I’m gonna miss it, and I think the rest of us are too. Take care”.
Football Ramble
Football Ramble celebrated its 15th anniversary this week with a two-part special looking back at the biggest moments of the show. With more than 2,000 episodes, the sports show has had 145 million downloads so far, and reaches 1.75 million listeners a month.
En Eaux Troubles
En Eaux Troubles claims it’s the first cold case investigative podcast on Spotify France. It covers a mysterious sinking in the English Channel, which some believe wasn’t just an accident. Emilie Denètre and Adèle Humbert from Insider Podcast investigate the case, and discover espionage, NATO military exercises, and more to the story that meets the eye.
My First Year on Aussie Soil
My First Year on Aussie Soil is a new SBS podcast hosted by comedian and actor Suraj Kolarkar. As a youngster he moved Down Under from India and has been obsessed with immigrant stories ever since. Suraj delves into tales from people who have found their feet in Australia, sharing their hilarious first impressions, the highs and lows of life in a new country, and the perils of the Aussie accent.
Spectacle: True Crime
A new series of Spectacle: True Crime from Neon Hum has launched today. A twelve-part series hosted by Mariah Smith, it explores our obsession with true crime. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get the show ad-free.
Rewirement returns for a new season, after new research from Legal & General suggesting that two-thirds of British people are concerned about their financial future, and more than 11 million of them have put their retirement plans on hold. Hosted by Angellica Bell, the show offers guidance to plan for the long term.
Play Next
The second season of Play Next launched this week - a music discovery podcast that uncovers pioneering, innovative and groundbreaking new music. Presented by Edith Bowman, it features full tracks from some of the best breakthrough acts, artist interviews and conversations with people shaping the music industry.

Podcast ads in the wild

Wrongful Convictions

Wrongful Conviction
Kevin Wortis sends us his billboard for Wrongful Conviction, by Lava for Good, in Los Angeles CA, USA (yes, opposite the Podcast Movement Evolutions venue this year). The show interviews people who were in prison for crimes they did not commit.

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