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A million dollars for Aussie podcasts, and how to stop saying erm

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  • The Australian ABC has a AUD$1,000,000 (US$770,000) fund for up-and-coming Australian podcasters. Submissions are now open: here’s more details. “The pitches that will grab our attention will be ones that try different formats and feature different voices talking on diverse topics. They need to have a targeted or niche audience in mind – content that can find passionate followers who will share the word more widely in their specific communities.” (Not Australian? We covered the US$18,000 Whicker’s World Foundation funding a few days ago).

  • A new app for podcast lovers - Chorus. Covered way back in July, it’s now launched on iOS, though those of us on Android have to wait for now. Here’s their launch post on Medium explaining what it’s all about and why.

  • Andrew Gray from Politico’s EU Confidential Podcast writes: “Great work on Podnews, really enjoy it. Following up on your item on transcription apps, I wanted to give a shoutout to Trint, which we use here. It’s invaluable when you’re trying to juggle many different tasks and get a podcast out every week.”

  • Podcasts “sweep the boards at radio awards”, spelling what the (London) Daily Telegraph calls a change for radio. “I don’t hate the show. But if this is a sign of the kind of rigour we can expect from awards juries in 2017, then John Humphrys should put himself forward for Sports Personality of the Year.” says a grumpy journalist.

  • How to make podcasts more profitable is the exciting headline for an opinion piece in DigitalNewsDaily. “To me, a medium in which the hosts still read the ads reeks of amateur hour”, it says, before deciding that metrics might help a bit.

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  • HotPod is back! This week, in issue 137, can sports turn the local podcasat business into a green monster, covering Season Ticket, which we mentioned on Oct 2. Reading time: 19m 7s.

  • Coach Kate Cocker posts a video on “how to stop saying erm”. Useful for everyone, except those who work in, erm, ERM.

  • Doomed - why the current model of (website) online advertising won’t survive.

  • A report from a podcasting event in Rhode Island, called Sound Ideas: Close Listening, Podcasting, and The New Radio. “[Sam] Harnett advised against making “a knockoff of existing podcasts … you have to be thinking outside of the box,” he added.”

  • A full length interview with Jad Abumrad, from Radiolab.

  • Apple

    Grappling with iOS 11's podcasting app? Like the changes? Or are they driving you crazy? Please let us know - - a special edition coming this weekend with feedback direct to Apple (who subscribe to podnews, naturally).

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