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Mind the revenue gap - rest-of world lags behind

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Podcast Business Journal

“Would competition [from YouTube] make podcasting better for creators? I think it would make it better in some ways and worse in others. On the consumer side, people are very comfortable on YouTube. On the creator side, obviously people are unhappy with Spotify, people are unhappy with YouTube, they’re not happy with anyone kind of controlling a large portion of the market. But that comes with some advantages as well.” - Headliner’s Neil Mody, talking about YouTube, in last Friday’s Podcast Business Journal.

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    Joe Lycett's Turdcast
    Play trailerUK comedian Joe Lycett launched Turdcast last week… but then cancelled it after mistakenly releasing “raw sewage” into Liverpool Albert Docks in a launch event… and then came clean that it was all a stunt - fake sewage, from a fake toilet, for a fake podcast - to draw attention to the UK’s water companies, who release raw sewage into rivers and coastlines.
    The Village Crazy Lady
    Play trailerThe Village Crazy Lady is new today from Podshape, hosted by Mikki Fisher. Mikki is the founder of The Red Tent, she’s a wife & Mum with a large following on social media. She also speaks to aliens & dead people.
    Play trailerThe second season of sci-fi podcast DERELICT is launched today. After a giant door was found at the bottom of Earth’s ocean, and the world went to investigate, the story picks up several years later: where the action has moved into the depths of space. Season one received well over a million downloads and thousands of five-star reviews.
    Small Steps, Giant Leaps
    A featured science podcast on Airwave: NASA’s technical workforce put boots on the Moon, tire tracks on Mars, and the first reusable spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. In Small Steps, Giant Leaps, learn what’s next as they build missions that redefine the future with amazing discoveries and remarkable innovations.

Podcast data for Nov 27

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Who Killed JFK? (iHeartPodcasts)
The Bakersfield Three (Casefile Presents)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)

Over the last week, 187,383 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 7.4%). source


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