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A quarter of all podcast episodes last month were on Anchor

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Eid Mubarak if you are celebrating today; or Happy Labour Day if you’re celebrating that, or Happy Monday if that’s a thing where you are.

Moves and hires

The Tech Stuff - with

  • Someone wondered about the point of the “a valid download must be over 60 seconds” rule from the IAB, so we ran some analysis from Podnews’s audio server. Over the past ninety days, we saw…

    • 486,107 requests for/downloads of (MP3 and AAC) audio files
    • 342,361 (70%) of those downloads were above 500kB
    • 143,746 of those downloads were below 500kB (less than 1 minute of audio)
    • 81,688 (16%) of those downloads were below 1kB (not enough data for a single audio frame, and likely just an automated check).
  • Podcast redirect trackers are being used on 12.6% of all podcast episodes, a number that’s slightly shrunk from last month. Spotify’s Chartable is on 4.71% (down by a tenth of a percent); Podtrac growing from 4.37% to 4.44% at #2.

  • Amazon Cloudfront has increased its share in podcasting, and was used by 51.9% of all new episodes last month. The second-highest, Cloudflare, was used by just 12.71% of episodes; most of that is likely to be Buzzsprout.

  • On the web player, Podverse now supports liveItem from the new podcast namespace. If you stream your show live, the liveItem tag tells your listeners the moment you start streaming.

  • The Podcast Index have produced an “episode by GUID” endpoint. It uses episode GUIDs as set in the RSS feed. /episodes/byguid?guid=PC2083&feedid=920666 is an example. Documentation on the way, they say.

Tips and tricks - with SoundStack

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Podcast News - with Lemonada Media

From Lemonada Media: As reported last week, Lemonada Media launched BEING Trans, the first season from their innovative new audio reality arm, BEING Studios. The series follows six transgender individuals living in Los Angeles. Over the course of six episodes, you’ll get to be a fly on the wall for their most intimate conversations and unscripted, raw moments. With this podcast, Lemonada hopes you’ll gain unique insights and an empathetic understanding of their personal experiences.
 Formosa Files:
The History of Taiwan
The only Taiwanese history podcast in English, Formosa Files:The History of Taiwan will help you understand the history of this part of the world, from defections during the Cold War, to the history of baseball. Covered in The Taipei Times in December, the show is boasting a new website from Podpage.
Trials To Triumphs
Best known as Joelle Brooks in Dear White People, Ashely Blaine Featherson-Jenkins has launched her podcast on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Trials To Triumphs. Known to friends and fans as ABFJ, Ashley will be in conversation with friends, colleagues and people she admires about the moments when their trials have led to triumph. It launches today.
Launched last week from iHeartMedia, Betrayal is a true-crime podcast of the story of TV producer Jenifer Faison whose picture-perfect marriage completely shatters when Faison came home from work one afternoon to find her house searched and her husband arrested for the continued sexual assault of a student. She tries to learn more about convicted sexual predator and two-time Kell High School ‘Teacher of the Year’ Spencer Herron.
Let your ears go on a journey to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, in Ontario, Canada, for the fifth season of Songbirding, which launches today. Aimed at an audience of both birders and general nature enthusiasts alike, the podcast also attracts a substantial audience that just likes to listen and relax.

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