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Someone takes a slice off an apple with a sharp knife
Agustin Mariano Quezada

iOS 17 has cut Apple’s download numbers

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How has iOS 17 affected downloads from Apple Podcasts? We look at stats from the biggest independent podcast company in “The Tech Stuff”

  • Castro

    Podcast app Castro is “actively seeking a new home with new owners”. Last week, we reported that Mohit Mamoria, a former Castro employee who works for Tiny, Castro’s current owners, said it was to close; but “any communication or publication regarding the app’s future is not official and does not represent Castro’s views” said the blog post. The blog post was the first for three years, and did not have a named author. (The app is now working again after an extended outage last week.)

  • Castro

    One popular feature that Castro has is “mix to mono”. The good news is that this is built-in to your phone or computer: here’s how to enable mono listening. Fun discovery: if you wear AirPods or Pixel Buds, wearing just one earbud will automatically mix everything to mono.

  • YouTube
    YouTube Music

    Listeners can now add RSS podcasts in the YouTube Music app on all platforms, including iOS. Our own RSS2YTM website will help you/them add your favourite shows.

  • Supercast

The Tech Stuff - with RSS․com

  • Apple
    Apple Podcasts

    Buzzsprout has released the company’s stats for November, allowing us to look a little more closely at the performance of Apple Podcasts since the iOS17 changes in mid September.

    • Comparing August with November, Buzzsprout published roughly the same amount of active podcasts (up by 0.1%), and roughly the same amount of new episodes (down by 0.8%). In spite of a US holiday period, there’s very little change in total production.
    • Total downloads, however, are another story. Total downloads for all apps in Nov are down 16% vs Aug. Splitting those out by app:
      Pocket Casts
      Pocket Casts is up slightly (0.5%) for total downloads.
      Overcast is down 2.6%.
      Spotify is down 14%.
      Google Podcasts
      Google Podcasts is down 15%.
      Apple Podcasts is down 24%.
    • For downloads by countries, the effect of Thanksgiving is clear. The US has dropped to a share of 47.1% of all downloads, down from August’s 49.7%. But in total downloads, all countries have seen falls.
      UK is down 13.1% for total downloads
      Canada is down 14%
      Australia is down 17.9%
      US is down 20.4%.
    • In summary, then: total podcast downloads in November were in decline vs August. Some of that is due to the US’s Thanksgiving; but a decrease in downloads is happening in most countries too. And it’s not exclusively an issue with Apple Podcasts: but these numbers show Apple Podcasts is significantly underperforming all other apps.
  • Buzzsprout

    We - and the podcast community - would welcome more podcast companies being open and transparent with their data like Buzzsprout is able to. Please.

  • OP3

    OP3 reports that by the end of November, more than two-thirds of all unique listeners using iOS were from iOS 17. For much of the month, though, it was just over 35%; so December may give us even clearer indications.

  • Podcast Index

    The Podcast Index API now has a “top recommended” list for podcasts, using the podroll feature. We wouldn’t mind it if you added Podnews Daily to your podroll, if your podcast host supports it (like Buzzsprout).

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Podcast data for Dec 4

#1 in Apple Podcasts
The Bakersfield Three (Casefile Presents)
The Rest is Entertainment (Goalhanger Podcasts)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Rest is Entertainment (Goalhanger Podcasts)

Over the last week, 201,381 podcasts published at least one new episode (up 6.9%). source


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