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  • Cleanfeed, a 'remote audio service’ for radio and podcasters wanting to get audio from different locations, have announced Cleanfeed Pro, a professional version of their free service with a number of additional features. The base version remains free.

  • Radio station LOVE SPORT has added ten fan podcasts to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa speakers. The initiative is a partnership with XAPPmedia.

  • A Danish news outlet, Zetland, was asked for an audio version by their members. Now, as Niemen Lab reports, it’s more popular than their written stories.

  • A thing you never thought you’d want: “Pod Papers” is a magazine consisting of podcasts turned into print. It’s available at Barnes & Noble stores, and is created by the Paper and Packaging Board, an industry group that works “to help slow the decline in paper use and expand demand for paper-based packaging products”.

    Aug 2 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • Sports podcasts are 'generating huge revenue' says a sports industry website, quoting 'absolutely bonkers’ income for some.

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  • Mixcloud, an on-demand music service, has attracted $11.5m in funding, the first funding ever for the platform (which is based in London).

  • Features and interviews: Atlanta Magazine writes a feature on The Fall Line, a true-crime podcast. The Mary Sue writes about Lauren Spohrer and Phoebe Judge, the founders of Criminal and This is Love.

  • - “your at-work listening network” - reveals its redesign.

  • The Spectator asks Why can’t podcasts be more like [BBC] Radio 4? - though the article really covers two programs on the station - one that sounds like a podcast, and one that was a podcast once (and has been refashioned to fit the Radio 4 schedules).

  • Live podcast tapings are a feature of many podcasts, but few are held in a pub. The Unfiltered Gentlemen are holding a live event on May 12 in Ventura CA, USA, and taping two episodes. Good luck with that.

  • A fun bit of history, which Dave Winer has just re-posted: What is podcasting - from 24 September 2004.

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