Analysis: beer advertising in podcasts

Analysis: beer advertising in podcasts

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  • YouTube is giving all creators a new dashboard, including new metrics. One new metric includes “how many people saw my video’s thumbnail?” This may inform the debate about podcasting’s lack of centralisation.

  • The Evening Standard profile Emma Gannon, host of Ctrl Alt Delete. “Whilst mainstream radio remains male-dominated, podcasting is a more welcome space for women”.

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  • Australian radio broadcaster NOVA Entertainment focuses on the women working for the company, with a new podcast In Her Own Words.

    Jul 31 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • The University of Arkansas reports on an former student’s project, All Girls Considered, “dedicated to telling and sharing the stories of the women that inspire us”.

  • When is it time to stop a podcast? Megan Tan shares her decision to stop Millennial in the latest edition of HowSound.

  • Martech describes how hardware is driving [podcast] listening to new heights. “Smart home devises such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s recently released HomePod, are creating a new genre of podcasts which are listened to in a group setting,” claims the article.

  • Advice from Charlotte podcast experts in starting your own podcast. “Don’t worry about length” is one of the nuggets of information.

    • OPINION: “One of the top questions I always get is, ‘How long should this podcast be?’” Goh said. “There is no right answer to that.” — in my experience, there is a right answer to that, and here it comes… the right length for your podcast should be “as long as it needs to be… but no longer”. Be respectful of your audience’s time. Edit ruthlessly, polish, and make every minute count. Always worry about length.

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