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The team at The Peers Project

The Peers Project to launch in US

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Our /listen pages are changing

After the launch of Google Podcasts in 2018, there was a reliable way of opening an app that was pre-loaded in iOS and in Android. Unfortunately, while YouTube Music does play RSS feeds and is normally a pre-loaded app on Android, there is no way to link to an RSS feed within that player: so no way to give an Android user a URL that opens their podcast player.

Listen pages, like this link for Up First, will continue to automatically open Apple Podcasts for iOS users, but now open your podcast page on Podnews for anyone else. We’ve removed the links and code to set one up.

We also had episode-by-episode “magic links” ; they will all link to your podcast page from early March.

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Tips and tricks - with Podpage

Podcast News

    Camp Counselors with Zachariah Porter and Jonathan Carson
    Camp Counselors with Zachariah Porter and Jonathan Carson has signed with Podcast One for sales and distribution. It’s the 25th show added this year, and PodcastOne now has 182 shows on its slate.
    How I Became ...
    How I Became … has signed a landmark deal with Uber. The show will be sponsored by Uber for the next six months. In the first episode under the new partnership, Karen Blackett OBE shares her compelling journey to becoming the UK President of WPP, intertwined with her personal experiences as a single mother striving to provide for her son.
    The World's Hardest Puzzle
    Play trailerIn 2012, a mysterious challenge appeared on 4chan: the first step in one of the most complex and mind-boggling puzzles to rock the internet age – later known as Cicada 3301. From riddles to impenetrable codes and QR codes in the outside world, one thing became clear: Cicada 3301 was no ordinary puzzle. Theories emerged that was the work of recruiters for a US intelligence service. The World’s Hardest Puzzle looks at who was behind it - and why it ended in silence. It’s new from Stak today.
    Straight to the Comments!
    Play trailerFrom the Daily Mail, Straight to the Comments! looks at the passionate, hilarious, outraged and bizarre comments left under MailOnline stories. Archie Manners and Joh Pieters invite celebrities into the studio to read the comments left under their own stories.
    BEEF with Bridget Todd
    Play trailerBEEF with Bridget Todd is back for a new season - a “funny yet educational” look at rivalries across industries, getting to the heart of what comes before, during, and after two entities go after each other with all their might.

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Podcast data for Feb 19

#1 in Apple Podcasts
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Runaway Joe (RTÉ Documentary on One)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Moose On The Loose (Paul Stenson)

Over the last week, 198,302 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 0.7%). source


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