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A cassette tape. A cassette was a thing that old people used for music.
Namroud Gorguis

Adam Curry launches music podcast

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  • Adam Curry has launched a music podcast, called Boostagram Ball.

    • For the first time, money from listeners is shared directly with the music artists: listen on a compatible podcast player, like Podverse, Fountain or Podfans, and money is sent from your balance directly to the artist as you listen. Using Value4Value, the amounts are up to you; and you can “boost” songs to give more to the artists you like.Fountain Podfans
    • Adam won’t be playing Tiësto or Golden Earring though - not yet. The only songs played are those submitted to services like Wavlake or submitted directly to the Podcast Index, with artist payment details.
    • There’s more info in The Tech Stuff, below; and Adam is a guest on the Podnews Weekly Review this weekend.Podnews
  • Got questions about YouTube and podcasting? Here’s your chance to ask Kai Chuk, YouTube’s Head of Podcasting, a question. The best questions will make it to his appearance at Podcast Movement, being interviewed by Ausha’s Jennifer Han.

    YouTube Podcast Movement
  • The programmes for Radiodays Asia and Podcast Day Asia have been published. The event in KL, Malaysia, has a number of speakers including our Editor, plus the #1 podcaster in Malaysia, Khairy Jamaluddin, Kym Treasure from Audacia, and many more. The event is in early September.

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Podcast News - with the Radioinfo Asia Podcast Awards

The Backstory with Patty Steele
The Backstory with Patty Steele is new from Premiere Networks and the award-winning radio personality Patty Steele. The show is a bi-weekly short-form podcast featuring Patty Steele as she enlightens and entertains listeners with a journey through pivotal moments in history and pop culture.
The Pen Pals Podcast
The Pen Pals Podcast is now part of Will Ferrell’s Big Money Players Network. The show is hosted by Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk.
Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates
“What do you do when you can’t solve a problem? I like to talk to smart people who can help me understand the subject better.” So says Bill Gates, who launched Unconfuse Me last week. His first show features Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen, exploring Alzheimer’s disease.
What in the World
What in the World is new today from the BBC World Service - a daily news podcast aimed at 16 to 24 year olds across the globe. The show is less than fifteen minutes long, and is hosted by Hannah Gelbart. The Corporation’s “BBC Minute” one-minute news bulletin for young people published its last episode on Dec 23 last year.
Spurgeon Sermons: Official Podcast
Spurgeon Sermons: Official Podcast is new from Premier Insight, featuring the work of Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), who was known for making complex Bible passages and theological ideas accessible to anybody. Hosted by pastor Rick Warren and read by the late actor Paul Burbridge, it’s launched today.

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