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Podcast app Castro reaches the end of the road

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Thank you to Courtney Reimer (who was the EP of Archetypes with Meghan Markle) for becoming our latest personal supporter. Listed at the bottom of our email, they’re super-important to us, since they allow us to lessen our dependence on advertising, and thus increase our independence. You can be like Courtney.

More on Auddia’s ad-skipping technology, after the latest podcast news…

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Podcast News - with Airwave

    The Shallow End
    Play trailerFrom Airwave: People do the dumbest things, and The Shallow End features true stories that are tragically hilarious. In the episode posted yesterday, the hosts explore the curious case of The Polite Burglar: a bizarre and strangely endearing world of a burglar who steals hearts along with possessions.
    All There Is with Anderson Cooper
    Play trailerAll There Is with Anderson Cooper returns today. The podcast is about the people we lose, the people left behind, and how we can live on – with loss and with love. Special guests this season include the current US President Joe Biden.
    The Sam & Billie Show
    Play trailerThe Sam & Billie Show is now with Wondery and Amazon Music for distribution and ad-sales. The announcement was made last week. The show’s made by Crowd Network, stars UK TV personalities Sam and Billie Faiers, and it’s available ad-free on Amazon Music (and everywhere else with ads).
    Radio Stone Update
    Proof, if ever it’s needed, that podcasting can reach important niche audiences: Radio Stone Update contains news and views for the hard-surfaces industry, from a news team covering granite, marble, quartz slabs, large-format porcelain and other stone fabrication in North America. In the most recent episode, learn all about StoneMart 2024. It’s like Podcast Movement Evolutions, except it’s about hard surfaces, not podcasts.
    Eight years' hard Labour
    Play trailerA new Tortoise podcast, Eight years’ hard Labour, looks at the inside story of a double revolution in the UK’s left-leaning Labour Party: the Corbinytes, then the election of Sir Kier Starmer, who were keen to erase any trace of Corbyn and his allies.
    Carolina Herrera Presents: Walk Tall
    Play trailerCarolina Herrera Presents: Walk Tall is back for a new season, from the luxury fashion and fragrance brand Carolina Herrera. Hosted by broadcaster Miquita Oliver and Vogue Fashion Director Julia Sarr-Jamois, the podcast’s second season aims to inspire the next generation of young women in business. Inspired by Venezuelan designer Herrera’s own journey, Walk Tall spotlights careers and female empowerment in the workplace.

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Feedback on Auddia’s faidr

Yesterday, we covered Auddia’s plans to launch a product that automatically skips ads in podcasts for $5.99 a month. The company said it didn’t need any agreements with podcasters to do that; that it will share revenue with creators in future; and that there’s no need for creators to opt-out: “Why opt-out if no harm is being done?”

We’ve never had so much reader feedback to a story. Here’s a selection…

This company is totally wrong here. OF COURSE HARM IS BEING DONE. The advertisers are being screwed. And one may say that’s fine because the podcaster is still getting paid, but in the long term if our shows’ ads aren’t creating a positive ROI for the advertisers they will stop advertising or attempt to negotiate a lower rate. SO long term this clearly does harm the podcaster. Taking money from my business partner (my advertisers, who I actually care about) and putting it in your pocket is not OK and no podcaster should want to be a part of this scheme Auddia is proposing. It hurts the whole industry if advertisers are systematically being screwed. They will just go somewhere else with higher ROI.

While I don’t agree with the notion that EVERY creator has a divine right to get paid for their content (especially if nobody asked them for it) I do feel that actively helping freeloaders circumnavigate a thing that helps people get compensated for their work when it’s deserved is a nope.

Perhaps a member of the legal profession will notify them of a curiously non-AI concept called “copyright.”

The listener doesn’t necessarily know when an ad is coming, so they hear the first second or so of an ad before they have time to hit the skip ahead button, which means there is an opportunity to capture their attention with that ad and keep them from skipping ahead. Auddia’s technology does not allow this. Anyway, if publishers wanted to offer their content ad-free, almost all podcasting hosting sites offer the ability to create an ad-free RSS feed. Auddia should not be forcing them into that without proper agreements in place.

We’re grateful for your comments: and yes, we read them when you hit reply.

We have been told, however, that the public email address on Auddia’s website doesn’t work. We have reported that to the company.

Podcast data for Nov 29

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Mortal Sin (NBC News)
The Rest is Entertainment (Goalhanger Podcasts)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Springleaf (James Acaster / Mighty Bunny)

Over the last week, 190,028 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 5.5%). source


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