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Netflix produces a companion podcast to a new TV show

Netflix produces a companion podcast to a new TV show

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  • Netflix is producing a “companion podcast” to Wormwood, a documentary series. The podcast, called Wormwood: the companion podcast, debuted on 21 December, and delves deeper into the story.

  • Podcast network Feral Audio is to close in January; founder Dustin Marshall cited personal issues and lamented the professionalisation of the podcast space. Some titles will migrate to Starburns Industries.

  • Event: Jan 18 - Podcast Cabaret in Peterborough ON, Canada. Want to perform your podcast, live? The event page contains all the details.

    Jul 28 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • Interesting idea: a (part-time) news anchor quits his job and rides for ride-sharing company Lyft - recording his passengers’ stories and turning them into a podcast.

    This link is no longer available, as at Jul 28 2023
  • Newsweek publishes a look ahead into 2018 for podcasting from audioBoom’s Brendan Regan. “64 percent of audioBoom’s listeners have bought a product or service they heard about through an audio show.”

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  • A piece about Seattle’s PodCon from a diversity point of view. It does well.

  • A Spanish article about the perils of podcasting in Spain over Christmas. Religious holidays mean far fewer downloads, it appears.

    • Of interest: he claims 78% of his listeners use iOS, yet iOS has only an 8%market share in Spain; Android has 91%. I’d love some justification for why Android apparently does so poorly. It can’t all be down to a lack of a pre-installed podcast player, can it?
  • Listicle corner: non-gaming podcasts you can listen to while playing computer games

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