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December 15, 2023:
October 18, 2023:
September 26, 2023:
August 21, 2023:
July 27, 2023:
May 15, 2023:
March 9, 2023:
February 24, 2023:
February 17, 2023:
February 8, 2023:
    Matt Mise has been appointed as Director, Podcasting & Head of Pacific Content at Rogers Sports & Media. He's been with Rogers for more than four years, leading branded content and commercial integrations.
February 3, 2023:
    Data: How many podcasts have trailers in their feeds? Podnews looked at 362,324 podcasts feeds in our sample over the last three months: just 50,096 of them (14%) have a trailer marked in their feed. Trailers are given special promotion within many podcast apps, and can be an ideal way to help potential listeners understand what your show is about. Here's some advice from Apple Podcasts and from Pacific Content: your podcast host has a special setting for one.
December 23, 2022:
December 9, 2022:
October 28, 2022:
October 21, 2022:
October 14, 2022:
October 6, 2022:
September 16, 2022:
September 13, 2022:
    In Canada, Julie Adam has left Rogers Sports & Media. She had worked for the company for almost twenty-four years. It means a new boss for the as-yet announced new head of Pacific Content: they'll report to Janice Smith, the VP of Sales.
September 9, 2022:
September 2, 2022:
August 26, 2022:
August 19, 2022:
August 12, 2022:
August 8, 2022:
July 15, 2022:
    Dan Misener and Jonas Woost are to leave Pacific Content. Misener had been with the company for six years as Director of Audience Development; Woost had been with the company for nearly three years. Pacific Content's co-founders both left the company at the end of April; the company was acquired by Rogers, a Canadian media conglomerate, in May 2019.
June 30, 2022:
June 20, 2022:
June 15, 2022:
June 7, 2022:
June 2, 2022:
May 27, 2022:
May 13, 2022:
May 10, 2022:
April 29, 2022:
April 1, 2022:
March 11, 2022:
January 28, 2022:
    What makes a podcast hit? Annalise Nielsen at Pacific Content gives four factors on whether a podcast is "a hit", and how to get there.
January 14, 2022:
    True crime rules; but exclusive podcasts don't much, and nor do any of the big acquisitions - at Pacific Content, Matt Hird took all the "top podcasts of 2021" lists he could find, and analysed all 432 podcasts they mentioned to see what can be learnt. 9/12 is incidentally, the top of the tops.
January 10, 2022:
December 21, 2021:
December 14, 2021:
November 25, 2021:
November 17, 2021:
November 11, 2021:
September 8, 2021:
September 3, 2021:
July 22, 2021:
June 23, 2021:
May 14, 2021:
April 16, 2021:
    How sticky is your content? Pacific Content's Matt Hird speaks with Chartable's Dave Zohrob about a new audience retention tool that they've added.
April 9, 2021:
April 8, 2021:
April 2, 2021:
    "Godcasts" are no longer the biggest category in Apple Podcasts. Pacific Content's Dan Misener has produced a detailed look at Apple Podcasts categories, discovering that Education, Society & Culture, and Arts are now the top three, with Religion & Spirituality the fourth biggest. The religion category still produces the most episodes, though.
March 10, 2021:
February 4, 2021:
January 22, 2021:
January 15, 2021:
December 9, 2020:
    Pacific Content have published their annual Podcast Predictions for 2021 in a thirty-minute read that encompasses all parts of the podcast industry.
December 4, 2020:
November 19, 2020:
November 17, 2020:
November 4, 2020:
October 9, 2020:
October 8, 2020:
October 2, 2020:
September 18, 2020:
August 28, 2020:
    Podcast Day Online takes place on October 26: a virtual version of the popular cross-Europe podcast event. Speakers include Earlonne Woods from Ear Hustle, Julie Shapiro from Radiotopia, Steve Pratt of Pacific Content, and our Editor. Want money off? Use this code: PODONLINE20
August 13, 2020:
    Dan Misener from Pacific Content looks at square podcast artwork and suggests you should consider other formats for other platforms. (For the record, we use 2048x1024 landscape in our hero images).
August 7, 2020:
July 31, 2020:
July 17, 2020:
July 9, 2020:
July 6, 2020:
June 19, 2020:
May 15, 2020:
April 23, 2020:
April 17, 2020:
April 10, 2020:
April 3, 2020:
March 27, 2020:
February 21, 2020:
    Podcast descriptions are probably more important than you think. Our podcast pages already highlight short ones (and notes you should probably make them a little longer); Dan Misener from Pacific Content examines the art and science of podcast descriptions: how they look in different browsers, their average length, and what you ought to include.
February 14, 2020:
January 24, 2020:
January 10, 2020:
December 11, 2019:
November 15, 2019:
    Dan Misener from Pacific Content covers audio funnels - the reason why Charles Schwab has more than one podcast.
November 4, 2019:
October 28, 2019:
    In Vancouver BC, Canada's Pacific Content has hired Jonas Woost as Director of Business Development. Jonas joins from Storyhive, a film incubator run by Telus; and previously worked for CBC Music and music service last·fm.
October 4, 2019:
September 26, 2019:
September 12, 2019:
    One customer of Feedpress is Pacific Content; but they saw far less downtime. Dan Misener explains how they were able to mitigate for Feedpress's problems. He adds: "If you don’t own your feed, you don’t own your show."
September 6, 2019:
August 23, 2019:
    Some people listen to podcasts on a webpage, but most listen in a podcast app, says Pacific Content's Dan Misener. (We'd suggest - based on no data at all - that websites are used for initial discovery, and podcast apps are used for regular listening, so don't remove that webplayer quite yet).
August 22, 2019:
July 31, 2019:
    Advertisers are opening their wallets to podcasting, says Jeff Vidler from Audience Insights, with new data from the company's recent work with Westwood One and Pacific Content. Meanwhile, if you're a subscriber, the Financial Times claims that the future of podcasting will be highly personalised, claiming "the fusion of great content and artificial intelligence may herald the arrival of a voice guru: a trusted companion and adviser, armed with data from past listening choices, who anticipates listeners’ desires better than they can."
July 26, 2019:
July 18, 2019:
July 12, 2019:
    Dan Misener cautions us: Don't forget about your podcast's back catalog, highlighting one of Pacific Content's clients who "were smart about producing a show with a long shelf life, so the episodes didn’t go stale." As a result, their downloads have doubled in the six months since the podcast finished being released.
July 1, 2019:
    Advice: Going to a conference? Want to get listeners subscribed to your podcast? Here's how RedHat does it, thanks to Pacific Content. tl;dr: QR codes are good, but you need human beings to help.
June 11, 2019:
June 6, 2019:
May 30, 2019:
May 24, 2019:
May 8, 2019:
May 2, 2019:
    The Canadian media conglomerate Rogers Media has acquired Pacific Content, Canada's first branded podcast company. In a blog post, Steve Pratt explains more. "The company will join Rogers and report in through our radio division but will continue to operate as a stand-alone business," says Julie Adam, Senior Vice-President of Rogers Radio.
April 26, 2019:
April 25, 2019:
    Podcasting Essentials has Steve Pratt from Pacific Content. "To stand out, don't do what everyone else is doing. Quality production and a narrative form of storytelling helps build engagement from the get-go," he says. (BE Media Production / Omny Studio)
March 15, 2019:
    Pacific Content's Steve Pratt has interviewed Edison Research's Tom Webster about the recent Infinite Dial data, and pulled out 10 big podcasting takeaways.
March 14, 2019:
February 8, 2019:
January 18, 2019:
January 15, 2019:
January 14, 2019:
    Facebook has a new podcast, Three and a half degrees: the power of connection. "We’re no longer six degrees apart – technology has squeezed this distance from person to person. Today, we are separated by three and a half degrees." Of note: the podcast's landing pages lists the top five podcast apps equally. It's had some good press today, too. (Pacific Content)
December 20, 2018:
December 14, 2018:
December 7, 2018:
    In advance of a slew of "what will the future of podcasting be in 2019" articles, for fun you might like to re-read this compilation of predictions for 2018 from Pacific Content.
November 15, 2018:
    Steve Pratt from Pacific Content advises podcasters to be consistent.
November 9, 2018:
October 31, 2018:
October 19, 2018:
September 20, 2018:
August 13, 2018:
July 30, 2018:
July 19, 2018:
July 5, 2018:
June 27, 2018:
June 13, 2018:
June 5, 2018:
    Where is podcasting's Family Feud? asks Pacific Content's Steve Pratt: comparing the genre of the most-watched TV shows with podcasting and asking if we can grow podcasting's popularity by learning from it. He concludes: "We are not creating enough programming specifically designed to reach first-time audiences". (If you're a Brit, he means Family Fortunes, the one with Les Dennis, Max Bygraves or Bob Monkhouse, not really the one with Andy Collins.)
May 31, 2018:
May 30, 2018:
    Pacific Content's Dan Misener is concerned we're preaching to the converted: "26% of Americans listened to a podcast in the last month. Don’t forget about the 74% who didn’t."
May 24, 2018:
    Pacific Content's Steve Pratt talks about podcast episode length and frequency. "Think about valuing the listener’s time every step of the way. Edit out content that doesn’t value their precious time and attention."
May 16, 2018:
May 8, 2018:
    Steve Pratt of Pacific Content discovers adjacent product categories. "Choosing the primary category can be challenging because the show straddles more than one topic. Once this dilemma presented itself a couple times, we realized that adjacent categories were actually new opportunities for audience development in disguise."
May 1, 2018:
    Dan Misener from podcast producer Pacific Content shares their own internal dashboard: 'episode trajectories' (using SimpleCast's API).
April 27, 2018:
April 26, 2018:
    Part four of Pacific Content's coverage of Google's new podcasting strategy: Steve Pratt unveils Google’s Plan To Deliver The Right Audio At The Right Time. Highlights are how podcasting works throughout the Google ecosystem (handing off between phones and smart speakers, for example): so you can start listening on one device and finish on another.
April 25, 2018:
    Pacific Content's look at Google's new podcast strategy continues. Part three, Google’s New Way to Find Your Next Favorite Podcast, highlights Google's recommendations, already visible within the podcast player, and investigates the concept of "audio SEO". Steve Pratt points out that Google's algorithms will favour podcasts of high interest and value, rather than (just) those who can afford good PR.
April 18, 2018:
April 4, 2018:
    Do podcasters really need to beg for ratings and reviews? Dan Misener from Pacific Content asks the questions that ought to be asked. "We have not seen conclusive evidence that ratings or reviews directly contribute to chart performance, visibility, or editorial support from Apple Podcasts", he says. (Some others claim that reviews are only used for the "What's Hot" algorithm; and not for the others).
March 27, 2018:
March 20, 2018:
    Pacific Content's Dan Misener has written a piece about "a little-known tool from Apple" to help you with your podcast marketing. It's an ingenious use of a service Apple makes available for affiliate sites.
March 13, 2018:
    More on Infinite Dial 2018: Pacific Content's Steve Pratt got to talk to Tom Webster, and identifies the five big trends. Tom discusses disappointing results from smart speakers. (We're on Alexa's daily briefing, or "OK, Google, ask Podnews for the latest")
March 6, 2018:
February 27, 2018:
    Pacific Content's Steve Pratt writes about a simple graph that describes how to make successful content. The big takeaway: don't make podcasts for clients that clients will like; make great podcasts instead.
February 21, 2018:
February 14, 2018:
February 7, 2018:
January 30, 2018:
    Pacific Content's Dan Misener makes a good point about who owns your RSS feed? - lots of big podcasts, it seems, don't own theirs. (We do! Yay!)
December 20, 2017:
November 20, 2017:
November 17, 2017:

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