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The hosts of My Favorite Murder
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My Favorite Murder: a new entry at 6 in Podtrac

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BEING Golden
From Lemonada Media and BEING Studios: The third episode of BEING Trans is out today, wherever you get your podcasts! This week, our cast tries to reconcile some old ghosts of the past with the future they are working hard to build, as Mariana travels back to her home in Guatemala where she had to flee from hate crimes, and Chloe struggles to find a place for the masculine sport of football in her life as a woman. Audio reality: It’s reality TV for your ears.
Modem Mischief
Modem Mischief is a podcast about the dark side of the internet - and in the latest episode, it looks at Gamergate, described as “not a pleasant story to hear but an important story to tell”. Written by Lauren Minkoff, the episode is hosted by Keith Korneluk.
Digital Signage Done Right
Digital Signage Done Right has won an IABC Gold Quill Award. The award is from the International Association of Business Communicators; the podcast itself talks about how to communicate better.
Later Dater
Later Dater is a new show from “love coach” Lucy Cavendish, looking at what dating, relationships and more can look like for those who want to push the boundaries a little. More boundaries that we can push in an email that your boss might read, though. It’s new from Aurra Studios.
Margins of Error
If you like stats, you’ll love Margins of Error - returning for a second season from CNN Audio. This season explores more wild and weird stories behind the stats that make up our world: host Harry Enten goes on a search for disappearing accents, investigates how much money actually makes us happy, wonders if love is really dead, and explores whether wearing glasses makes you look and feel smarter.

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