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Additional RSS namespaces

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Here’s a (full?) list of RSS namespace extensions for podcasting, posted by Christopher Isene on the Podcast Index social network

 'art19':              '',
  'atom':               '',
  'atom10':             '"',
  'cc':                 '',
  'content':            '',
  'creativeCommons':    '',
  'dc':                 '',
  'ddn':                '',
  'feedburner':         '',
  'feedpress':          '',
  'geo':                '',
  'georss':             '',
  'googleplay':         '',
  'itunes':             '',
  'media':              '',
  'npr':                '',
  'nprml':              '',
  'rawvoice':           '',
  'rdf':                '',
  'slash':              '',
  'sr':                 '',
  'sy':                 '',
  'wfw':                '',  

If you know any more, that would be great to add in the comments below.


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