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How to submit a podcast to us for news coverage

· First published · By James Cridland · 3.3 minutes to read

We get too many shows to cover every day: so we can’t guarantee you’ll get a mention. We’re sorry. But, with that in mind…

We accept podcast submissions via email, for news coverage, to editor@podnews.net

Tips to help us promote your show

Tell us in advance. We’re a daily newsletter, and will normally cover your show on the day of launch. We are much less likely to cover your show if you have already launched, especially if you didn’t tell us until 4pm on launch day.

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Make sure your show has wide appeal. We’d like to cover things that our international readership is interested in. Hyper-local shows - or even shows about your local politics - might not be of wide interest.

Please include the Apple Podcasts URL. We normally require your show to be in Apple Podcasts to be listed; but also it helps us know for certain which of the 1,719 shows called Real Talk is yours. (A Podcast Index or Spotify URL is also fine).

Don’t worry about sending us your podcast’s artwork - we’ll get that from your Apple Podcasts URL.

Please tell us what your podcast is called. This might feel like a bit of silly thing to say, but you’d be surprised how many people promote a show called “John Doe’s Amazing Thing”, only for us not to be able to find it in any podcast app - and for us to be told it’s a season in an entirely different podcast. You can fix this by including the Apple Podcasts link.

Make sure you have a trailer! Our systems look for one, and link to it in a variety of ways, including from your press release and inclusion in our New Podcast Trailers podcast. If we cover you, you’ll typically get a few hundred downloads for your trailer.

Give us an editorial reason to feature you. A new launch, or a new season? Something technically interesting? Have you hit a big download number?

Enclose a press release if you like - here are tips on how those work best - but we don’t need one.

Things we can’t cover

We’re unlikely to cover exclusives or paid content. A show that’s only on Audible, or Spotify, or BBC Sounds, or LiSTNR, or YouTube, or whatever, isn’t really a podcast, and we’d like to ensure every reader gets value from our content. The same goes for content which requires a subscription.

Because it’s illegal in the majority of countries and because it will have adverse effect on email delivery to corporates, we do not cover “potcasts” about cannabis or medical marijuana.

We also have to be very coy about podcasts about sex or sexual health, and normally won’t cover them in a very clear way (if at all).

We’ll typically only feature you once per season, unless there’s a really good reason.

If you’re sending us a press release about an award or nomination for your work, it’s unlikely that we’ll cover it, because there are another fifty similar press releases we’d have to publish too. We’re sorry. Congratulations though.

Want to almost guarantee a mention?

We’re really very, very lazy.

Go and read our typical coverage of a podcast - you’ll find it in “Podcast News” in most Podnews news updates. Write something like our typical short mention of a podcast. Enclose it in your email, with the Apple Podcasts link.

If it’s good enough to publish, we will. And if it isn’t, we won’t!

Paid opportunities

Podnews has sponsorship opportunities for podcast networks, to ensure daily coverage of your slate of shows; or offers a paid “editorial focus” to promote big launches. Pricing starts at $500; Kristy is at sales@podnews.net and will be happy to help you.

Want to submit a podcast for our podcast directory?

You don’t need to. To get into our podcast sample, search for your podcast (top of this page), and click through to look at the podcast’s page.

The act of clicking through will add your podcast to our database automatically if it isn’t there.

You’ll appear in our search results if you’re a) in Apple Podcasts, b) in the Podcast Index, or c) someone else has found you first.

James CridlandJames Cridland is the Editor of Podnews, a keynote speaker and consultant. He wrote his first podcast RSS feed in January 2005; and also launched the first live radio streaming app for mobile phones in the same year. He's worked in the audio industry since 1989.

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