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Submissions and Disclosures

February 14, 2019 · Updated October 7, 2019 · By James Cridland · 3 minutes to read


We accept story or podcast submissions via email to

We do not seek payment to cover any story. You can buy classified advertising for extra visibility; but we do not see any placed classified advertising during our editorial process, and are ignorant of the contents of this section until completion of each daily edition.

Things that really help us when submitting stuff:

(We’re not being picky, by the way - this is what all journalists would like!)

We always respect embargoes. Bear in mind that we publish at 2100 GMT -10 (6am winter, 7am summer New York time), so if you give us an embargo for 8am New York time, a) we’ll be sad, and b) it’ll be old news by the time we publish it the next day.

We always respect requested anonymity.

When submitting a podcast:

Things we don’t cover

We give no guarantee that we’ll actually cover anything, of course: inclusion is our decision based on whether it’s interesting for our readers. But particularly, because it’s illegal in the majority of countries and because it will have adverse effect on email delivery to corporates, we’re afraid that we do not cover “potcasts” about cannabis or medical marijuana. (We’ll tweet them if you send us details, but that’s as far as it goes). We’re sorry about that.

Commercial clashes

We do not see classified advertising until the end of the editorial process, after each newsletter has been written. We’re editorially ignorant of the contents of our classified advertising block.

Sponsors and supporters are not given any editorial control of stories within the main newsletter, nor given any guarantee we’ll cover a story. Podnews may carry sponsored content as separate stories, and the relationship between us and that company will be clearly marked.

We have a cost-neutral partnership package with event and conference organisers where we help promote their events with a mix of paid classifieds and editorial mentions. They have no control over the content of any editorial mention.

James Cridland is Podnews’s Editor. Personal investments over US$1,000 are either a) chosen at the sole discretion of an investment manager, who he does not instruct beyond overall investment aims; or b) invested in market tracking funds.

James is also a consultant for podcast and radio companies, and a speaker at associated conferences and events. Some of these companies will pay him fees or expenses in the course of his work. He will disclose companies for whom he performs regular contracted work. Currently, these include the following:


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