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Tools used to produce Podnews every day

August 29, 2018 · Updated February 14, 2019 · By James Cridland · 1.5 minutes to read

Here are the tools I use on a daily basis, since I’m often asked this…

Story research is done using the RSS app Inoreader, and lots of groups in Facebook, Discord, Slack, Twitter, and the rest of the web. I use a Chromebook, Macbook, an Android phone, and fifteen years experience.

Compilation is into Google Keep, which I use as a temporary store of interesting stories before writing each edition. Keep syncs between devices.

Writing is done using StackEdit, in Markdown. (This also syncs between devices: I’ll often write part of an issue on one machine and then open it up elsewhere).

Website is bespoke PHP code, coded by me. I use Codeanywhere to edit the underlying code. All new content is added in an SQL editor.

Hosted I use Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS and Amazon CloudFront.

Domain management is via Gandi.

Hero images are generated from Google Slides (no, really) and/or Keynote, and resized automatically and dynamically by a set of scripts.

The podcast is recorded on a Røde Podcaster using Hindenburg Journalist Pro and published to Amazon S3. I self-host. While travelling, I record onto a Google Pixel XL via the inbuilt microphone, using the Auphonic app. Audio is treated and uploaded directly by Auphonic.

Newsletter software is Sendy, which is hosted on our server. I use Amazon SES to send mail.

Libraries and other software:


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