'Follow our podcast': Apple Podcasts to stop using 'subscribe'

'Follow our podcast': Apple Podcasts to stop using 'subscribe'

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A small change with a big impact: no more “subscribe” as podcasting moves to “follow”

Opinion: The word 'subscribe’ has been confusing potential listeners for more than fifteen years. It’s time for every podcast app to copy Spotify, Stitcher, Apple and Amazon by using 'follow’ - and for every podcaster to follow their lead. The way we talk about podcasts has changed forever: and that’s probably a good thing.

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    Play trailerCold Case Crime Cuts actually elicited some laughing out loud over the weekend - it’s very good. “From 'who shot who?' at the Copacabana to ‘was the Deputy, in fact, asking for it?’ in ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, American journalist (and also podcaster) Mason Lane unravels the mysteries both behind and inside the enigmas.” Very recommended.
    Sözəbaxanlar is the first podcast we’ve ever been pitched in the language of Azerbaijani. “We talk about society and main problems that may interest majority,” says one of the hosts, Nijat Ahmadli. “I wanted to share this with you, as Podnews is one of main sources that helps me while working on the episodes.” (There are just 43 shows in Azerbaijani).

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