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Podcast host changes

How many podcasts switch their show to a different podcast hosting company? And where to?

Updated daily, this page shows observations over the last seven days. We saw 199 RSS changes within a sample of 40,165 podcasts (0.5%). We only monitor RSS feed domain-names for changes. Podnews updates podcast details when a user views a podcast page that is at least 14 days old: hosts may have changed significantly earlier.

This lists individual shows, not clients: so one client migrating twenty shows will appear in this list as twenty migrations. Additionally, the bigger the podcast host, the more migrations you’ll see from them.

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Host changes observed over the last seven days

This is interactive. Click the colour of the host to highlight it. Hover over for the numbers.


From Simplecast

SciVIBE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Simplecast → Podbean
MLB Morning Coffee: A Daily MLB Podcast Greg Mroz
Simplecast → Megaphone
Dr. E’s Highway to Health Show: Living Ageless Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
Simplecast → Transistor
Best on the Board BOTB!!
Simplecast → Megaphone
There is More to CSYou Central State University / Corvus Audio
Simplecast → Captivate
Broke Girl In LA JazzyRedd
Simplecast → Anchor
Conversations With Friends Radio Show James Jacobson
Simplecast → Megaphone
Straight From The Source with Michael Russo: A show about the Minnesota Wild The Athletic
Simplecast → Megaphone
Código Aberto B9
Simplecast → Omny Studio

From Acast

Valle De Cielo Gris Adrian Zambrano
Acast → Anchor
2 Cool Parents Podcast 2 Cool Parents Podcast
Acast → Buzzsprout
Cricket Unfiltered Piccolo Podcasts
Acast → Omny Studio
Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast Arsenal Vision
Acast → Simplecast
Road Muscle Radio Mark "Catfish" Groves
Acast → Anchor

From Buzzsprout

Being Church in the Time of COVID Princeton Theological Seminary
Buzzsprout → Transistor
Behind The Bits with Scott Curtis Scott Curtis
Buzzsprout → Spreaker
Acoustic Music Talk with Brad Apple Acoustic Music Talk with Brad Apple
Buzzsprout → Anchor
Blackout Podcast Israel Ekanem
Buzzsprout → Captivate
Bohemian Geek Studies The BGS Crew
Buzzsprout → Captivate
Sexy Bedtime Stories Mitch Munroe
Buzzsprout → Podetize
Trends Podcast Trends
Buzzsprout → Simplecast
2 Much Grit 2 Quit with Shelley Till Shelley Till
Buzzsprout → Simplecast
Hypercritical from Professional Awesome Racing Professional Awesome Racing
Buzzsprout → Anchor
Optimal Health For Busy Entrepreneurs Julian Hayes II
Buzzsprout → Castos
LYA Podcast Liberty Young Adults
Buzzsprout → Simplecast
Music Educated Tyler Meade
Buzzsprout → Anchor
Stolen From Me by linsey Linsey
Buzzsprout → Spreaker
GalaxyCon Live! GalaxyCon
Buzzsprout → Anchor
Knicks Fan TV: The Podcast Knicks Fan TV
Buzzsprout → Simplecast

From Podbean

Play By Ghost Play By Ghost
Podbean →
The Bazaar Cast Richard Martin
Podbean → Anchor
Wine & Murder Night wineandmurdernight
Podbean → Anchor
Are You Karate Kidding Me? Gekkering Network
Podbean → Anchor
CineGappa Ashay Javadekar
Podbean →
SEMICOLON | سمیکالن Meysam Dehghani
Podbean → Anchor
Front Flip Gaming Edmond Aggabao
Podbean → Pinecast
O Lado Negro Da Força O Lado Negro da Força
Podbean → Anchor
Bread & Barricades: A Les Mis Podcast Captain's Collections
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Talking Late Night Max Kantor
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Into the Triangle Podcast Couch Guy Sports
Podbean → Anchor
Buckhorn Podcast Buckhorn Podcast
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color Wendynbeth Williams
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Salon Sleuths Podcast Salon Sleuths
Podbean → RedCircle
Seek The Joy Podcast Seek The Joy Media
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Decoding Digital AppDirect
Podbean → Captivate
Adventures In Black Cinema With Desmond Thorne sfbpodcastnetwork
Podbean → Megaphone
Folk on Foot Matthew Bannister
Podbean → Podbean (account migration)
Unrated Unruly Unrated Unruly
Podbean → Audioboom
YOKE Talk YOKE Youth Ministries
Podbean → Anchor
The shitithinkiscool's Podcast Whitney and Megan
Podbean → Anchor
Över Lag med Sara och Kent Söderberg & Partners
Podbean → Buzzsprout

From Anchor

Birdland Tonight - Baltimore Orioles Postgame Show Birdland Sports
Anchor → RedCircle
Pumpkin Spice Podcast Pink Jeans
Anchor → Megaphone
DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation Rebekah Sebastian
Anchor → Spreaker
21st Precinct | Old Time Radio VOKROX
Anchor → Megaphone
Death Over Danishes Jessi and Ann
Anchor → Podbean
The Matt Donahue Podcast TMD Podcast
Anchor → Podbean
Sideline Squib Steve Silvestri
Anchor → Podbean
The Ohio Bride Podcast Rachel Harper
Anchor → Podbean
I Said What I Said I Said What I Said
Anchor → Buzzsprout
Boss Ladies Olivia Wherry
Anchor → Megaphone
DDM fotografia Daniele Di Mauro
Anchor → Spreaker
Living Ardently Adrienne Garalde
Anchor → Buzzsprout
Talks With Dayloustyles Dayna Louvenia
Anchor → Buzzsprout
Conversations With Coco + Friends Coco + Cowe
Anchor → Acast

From ART19

5 Words with Sean Patton All Things Comedy
ART19 → Omny Studio
Tremenda Vaina Roman Rojas & Danilo Alvarez
ART19 → Megaphone
Binge Kill Chill - A Netflix Podcast SNIPdaily
ART19 → Omny Studio
Buenos Días América Univision Deportes
ART19 → Simplecast
I Don't Know About That Jim Jefferies
ART19 → Omny Studio
Y SE DIJO con Cesar Procel Univision
ART19 → Simplecast

From LibsynPro

Editors in Conversation American Society for Microbiology
LibsynPro → Libsyn
Filmsteria DIXO
LibsynPro → Acast

From Soundcloud

Podcast Friends Podcast Friends
Soundcloud → Anchor
Pro Hockey News Podcast Pro Hockey News Podcast
Soundcloud → Anchor
Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food Koen van Seijen
Soundcloud → Buzzsprout
Male Pobede Podcast Male Pobede Podcast
Soundcloud → Anchor
Opera For Everyone Opera for Everyone
Soundcloud → Podbean
Listen Up! New Haven Symphony Orchestra
Soundcloud → Buzzsprout
Working Historians Robert Denning and James Fennessy
Soundcloud → Podbean
Nueces Podcast Nueces Mosque
Soundcloud → Anchor
Couch Guy Sports Podcast Couch Guy Sports Podcast
Soundcloud → Anchor
The Lady Dicks: Haunted, True Crime + History The Lady Dicks
Soundcloud → Captivate | Dla tych, którzy mówią do ludzi Anna Kędzierska | Maciek Cichocki
Soundcloud → Spreaker
Derek Durish With 10K Music Podcast 10K Music Studio
Soundcloud → Anchor
"Life After Stroke" Christopher Ewing
Soundcloud → Buzzsprout
Steadfast With Sandra McCracken Harbor Media
Soundcloud → Megaphone

From Libsyn

Genostory That's Not Canon Productions
Libsyn → Acast
Deacon Speakin' Deacon Tom Scarlett
Libsyn → Podbean
Mysterious Goings On J. Alexander Greenwood
Libsyn → Anchor
To 50 and Beyond Lori Massicot
Libsyn → Buzzsprout
The Sales Show with Ben Nabers Ben Nabers
Libsyn → Anchor
Appaloosa Tony Bottoms
Libsyn → Buzzsprout
Large Nerdron Collider iHeartRadio
Libsyn → Megaphone
Dorama Cast Dorama Cast
Libsyn → Anchor
Music, Men & My Mental C. DeVone
Libsyn → Anchor
AIMP: Nashville Pubcast Dime Collective
Libsyn → Simplecast
Strange Indeed a Fancast for The Stand Rima Jo
Libsyn → RedCircle
The Sales Engagement Podcast Outreach
Libsyn → Sounder
Assemble Dance Studio Coaching Claire O'Shea
Libsyn → Anchor
The GDPR Guy Carl Gottlieb
Libsyn → Anchor
Why So Cold? Watts Creative Studios
Libsyn →
Milk and Murder Milk and Murder Podcast
Libsyn → Spreaker
Stardust Tribe Heather Ashera
Libsyn → Spreaker
Pawnee Public Radio: A Parks and Rec Rewatch Podcast Parks and Rec Superfans Hannah Shapiro and Will Sonheim
Libsyn → Megaphone
The Scarecast MaddMike
Libsyn → Spreaker

From Spreaker

Spreaker → Anchor
Wolves In The City Wolves In The City
Spreaker → Anchor
Nouvelle Vie — Créer demain Bertrand Soulier
Spreaker → Acast
Warren Buffett Italia Podcast Warren Buffett Italia
Spreaker → Megaphone

From Audioboom

Red FM Bauaa Red FM
Audioboom → Omny Studio
Baalgatha Hindi - बालगाथा हिंदी कहानियाँ gaatha story
Audioboom → Spreaker
Baalgatha : Bedtime Stories for Children gaatha story
Audioboom → Spreaker

From Pinecast

The Podcast of Mystery Jason Rigden
Pinecast → Libsyn
The New Witches Maria Ruiz, Laura Pagliaro
Pinecast → Buzzsprout

From RSS Podcasting

Murder's a Drag Aura Van Dank
RSS Podcasting → Buzzsprout

From Acast Open

Colorful Conversations: DIY & Home Design Tasha Agruso
Acast Open → Acast

From Ausha

Ausha → Acast

From Squarespace

Faith Lutheran Church Faith Lutheran Church
Squarespace →
Stephen Goldstine Knows All Simone Garland
Squarespace → Anchor

From Captivate

Ask David Anything | The Drug Science Podcast Fascinate Productions
Captivate → Transistor
Hotminds Mflix Media
Captivate → Transistor
Perceptível com Marcos Félix Mflix Media
Captivate → Transistor

From Whooshkaa

Missing Richard Mercer Tom Hogan
Whooshkaa → Transistor
Streets of Your Town Nance Haxton
Whooshkaa → Megaphone
Tecnocracia Tecnocracia
Whooshkaa → RedCircle
Clara Apollo's Chi Time Bad Boys Media
Whooshkaa → Omny Studio
Zafram: A Black Hammer Podcast Jamie
Whooshkaa → Anchor
Pricking the Bubble Pricking the Bubble
Whooshkaa → RedCircle

From StreamGuys

MRN Outloud! Motor Racing Network
StreamGuys → Megaphone

From RedCircle

Soft and Strong Hearts Ashton Pitre
RedCircle → Anchor

From Megaphone

The News with Shepard Smith CNBC
Megaphone → Simplecast
Game Theory Today with Eric Garland Eric Garland
Megaphone →

From Castos

The Tower of Babbling Podcast Keith Hayden
Castos → Captivate
Forging Flame Ryan Sellick
Castos → Anchor

From bCast

We Don't Have Time For This Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves
bCast → Megaphone

From Omny Studio

Give Them Lala ... with Randall Lala Kent
Omny Studio → Megaphone