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2024 Publisher Podcast Awards - the winners

Press Release · London, UK ·

Media Voices are delighted to reveal the winners of 2024’s Publisher Podcast Awards, following a ceremony which took place on Wednesday 12th June at Salsa Temple in London.

The awards are a celebration of the podcasting success of publishers and media organisations, whether they’ve been in the podcasting space a while, or have just launched.

From over 200 entries and an exceptionally strong shortlist of 140 podcasts, our judges marked the podcasts on a range of factors, including production quality, how well the podcast reflected the publisher’s brand, and strategies to grow the audience.


    Engineering Matters
    Best B2B Podcast – Engineering Matters, Reby Media
    From: Reby Media
    Hosted by: Blubrry
    Don't Drink the Milk
    Best Culture & Lifestyle Podcast – Don’t Drink the Milk, Deutsche Welle
    From: DW
    Deep Dive: Exploring Organized Crime
    Best Deep Dive Podcast – Deep Dive: Exploring Organized Crime, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
    From: Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
    Hosted by: Captivate
    Film Stories with Simon Brew
    Best Entertainment Podcast – Film Stories with Simon Brew, Film Stories
    From: Simon Brew
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Play trailerBest Food & Drink Podcast – Scran, The Scotsman
    From: Laudable
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Tom Bryant's Men In Mind
    Play trailerBest Health & Wellbeing Podcast – Tom Bryant’s Men In Mind, Reach
    From: Tom Bryant
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    The Plodcast
    Play trailerBest Hobbies & Special Interest Podcast – The Plodcast, Our Media
    From: Our Media
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Play trailerBest Investigative Podcast – Poison, The Times
    From: The Times and The Sunday Times
    Hosted by: Acast
    Play trailerBest Limited Series – fonds, Greater Govanhill Magazine
    From: FONDS
    Hosted by: Spotify for Podcasters
    The Steamie by The Scotsman
    Play trailerBest Local & Community Podcast – The Steamie, The Scotsman
    From: Laudable
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Ukraine: The Latest
    Best News Podcast – Ukraine: The Latest, The Telegraph
    From: The Telegraph
    Hosted by: Acast
    Play trailerBest Partner Podcast – Scran, The Scotsman
    From: Laudable
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    The New Statesman Podcast: UK general election news and analysis
    Best Political Podcast – The New Statesman Podcast, The New Statesman
    From: The New Statesman
    Hosted by: Acast
    Fever: The Hunt for Covid's Origin
    Best Science & Medical Podcast – Fever: The Hunt for Covid’s Origin, BBC
    From: BBC Radio 4
    Hosted by: BBC
    Claret & Blue - An Aston Villa Podcast
    Best Sport Podcast – Claret and Blue, Reach
    From: Reach Podcasts
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    FT Tech Tonic
    Play trailerBest Technology Podcast – Tech Tonic, Financial Times
    From: Financial Times
    Hosted by: Acast
    The Standard
    Play trailerBest Commercial Strategy – The Standard: Sustainable Travel with Iberostar, The Evening Standard
    From: The Evening Standard
    Hosted by: Acast
    The Best Ever...
    Play trailerBest Video Podcast Strategy – The Best Ever, Radio Times
    From: Immediate Media
    Hosted by: Megaphone
    Impact Podcasts
    Play trailerBest Podcast Launch – Vanished: The Arlene Fraser Murder, DC Thomson
    From: DC Thomson
    Hosted by: Podbean
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From these 19 category winners, the Media Voices team listened to them all and chose an overall winning podcast.

To secure podcasting as a successful part of a publisher’s strategy, there are often key people within the business driving best practice, seeking inspiration, and looking for new opportunities. Our Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year award celebrates an individual who has gone above and beyond to demonstrate the value of podcasting to their organisation.

Publisher Podcast Hero of the Year 2024 – Kelly Crichton, National World

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