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How to add your podcast to every podcast directory

How to add your podcast to every podcast directory

· Updated October 6, 2021 · By · 11.1 minutes to read

There are many different podcast directories and apps out there - and if you want to be sure of the most amount of downloads, you should make sure your podcast is on as many of these platforms as you can.

Tips for adding your podcast

It doesn’t matter where you host your podcast, you can be listed in any of the following places. Some podcast hosts make it a little easier to submit than others; but all of them will give you an RSS feed address, which is all you need to get listed.

Many of the podcast directories below also bring in data from Apple Podcasts: so you may find you’re already listed. You might want to search first. However, it’s useful to “claim” your podcast on these other services: some give you more consumption data, and other data: and some will even give you money!

The most important places you should add your podcasts

  1. Apple Podcasts. Its data powers many other people, and it is responsible for a great deal of podcast plays. It can also take time for Apple to approve you, so do this one first.
  2. Spotify. It’s the #2 podcast app, and in many countries Spotify is the most popular way of listening to podcasts.
  3. Google Podcasts. It’s responsible for about 2% of podcast plays, but it has the capability of doing a lot more for you - including making your podcast appear in Google search.
  4. Stitcher. It’s responsible for about 2% of all podcast plays, and has historically been a good choice for Android users.
  5. All the rest. Almost everyone else’s services make for a miniscule amount of listening; so they’ll not make much difference to your downloads, but you’re here already, so why not?

You can see our podcast stats to see where we get our listens from. Your show will differ.

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Use your podcast host

If you’re with a podcast host who has relationships with some of these directories, you’re usually best to use the podcast host to submit. It’s easier, and your host may have a special relationship with some of these platforms.

All the podcast directories we’re in

Here’s how to link

Here’s an automatic link -, which will play our podcast on the default podcast app on your phone or computer automatically. (Try it from a different device). You can make one of these by searching for your podcast and then finding the code on the “link to this podcast” section at the bottom. Links like this are great for sharing on social media, and other places too.

Not a coder? Use a universal link, available for free from a variety of places; and use a QR code for them on your business card.

For your own website, we’d recommend just adding an Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify button, and a big embedded player so people can just hear it. Here’s where to find an embedded player, and you can find the official buttons for your podcast by searching for your podcast and then finding the code on the “link to this podcast” section at the bottom.

Our Editor has also written how to link to your podcast most effectively, and why you only need two buttons to promote your podcast. It’s a bit more opinionated than this advice, so these articles are hosted somewhere else.

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