Newsletters that recommend shows to audiences, review podcasts, or cover news for podcasters

5 podcast episodes according to a theme, curated by a different person each week

Great Pods
Podcast critics' review & ratings

Hurt Your Brain
An internet playlist for people fascinated by the world. Get recommendations on podcasts and other links that will make you think.

Pod The North
Canadian podcast discovery and ecosystem commentary

Podcast Business Journal
The business of podcasting: a weekly newsletter with data, news and interviews

Podcast Delivery
Discover New Podcasts With Our Weekly Newsletter

Podcast Rex
A website, social media and newsletter that helps you find your next podcast

Podcast The Newsletter
Each issue of Podcast The Newsletter includes a HUGE list of my recommendations, a little note from my heart, and an interview with someone I’m obsessed with in the podcast community–someone I think you should be obsessed with, too.

Your daily briefing for podcast and on-demand

Sounds Profitable
Podcasting’s leading voice for Education, Research, and Insights

The Audio Drama Gazette
A quarterly newsletter with coverage, commentary, and critiques of audio drama and the podcasting industry, geared towards both listeners and creators.

The End
A weekly newsletter for fans of complete audio fiction.

The Fiction Podcast Weekly

The Weekly Tweak
One podcast tip every week to refine your show over time.

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