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Image: Susan Q Yin

The Podnews Ranker Top 30: April 2023

- updated monthly

Who’s in the podcast news? Here’s a list of the people and companies we mentioned most in the three months between February 1 and April 30, and how they’re trending.

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Gender balance

Overall, in this 90-day period, Podnews gave 57 mentions (29%) to women, and 142 mentions to men. In the previous period, the gender split was 28%.

Context: Sounds Profitable’s The Creators says that only 29% of podcast creators are women, in comparison to 51% of the US population. McKinsey report that women form just 24% of senior US executives (2021). The Wrap reports that only 21% of top-charting shows have a female host (2020); Quartz puts the figure at one in three (2019); data produced for AT&T says 27% of top-rated podcasts are hosted by females (2020), a further 12% by a gender-balanced team.

Our aims

Our submissions page highlights our wish to achieve a healthy gender balance, cover news from outside the USA, and amplify the under-represented. This data is one way to keep an eye on our efforts.


1→ 1Spotify
2→ 2YouTube
3↑ 4iHeart
4↑ 5Acast
5↓ 3Apple Podcasts
6↑ 7Libsyn
7↑ 8SiriusXM
8↑ 10NPR
9↓ 6Podcast Movement
10↓ 9Buzzsprout
11↑ 12Edison Research
12↑ 20Wondery
13↓ 11LiSTNR
14↓ 13Google Podcasts
15↑ 18New York Times
16↑ 29Podtrac
17↑ 19AdvertiseCast
18↑ 22Podimo
19↓ 15Blubrry
20↑ 27Podbean
21↑ 23Anchor
22↓ 17Podcast Index
23↑ 32Global
24↑ 35Hindenburg
25↓ 16PRX
26↑ 61Pocket Casts
27↑ 64Headliner
28↑ 49Megaphone
29↑ 30Novel
30↓ 25Audible


1↑ 3Joe Rogan
2↓ 1Dave Jones
3↓ 2Sam Sethi
4↑ 5Courtney Kocak
5↑ 13Arielle Nissenblatt
6↓ 4Adam Curry
7↑ 12Eric Nuzum
8↓ 6John Spurlock
9↑ 32Ashley Carman
10↑ 37Lizzy Pollott
11↑ 24Dan Granger
12↓ 11Kai Chuk
13↑ 14Steven Goldstein
14↓ 8Dave Winer
15↓ 9Jordan Harbinger
16↑ 144Todd Cochrane
17--Angie Griffith
18↓ 17James Burtt
19↓ 7Jonas Woost
20↓ 19Nilay Patel
21↑ 60Ariel Shapiro
22↓ 10Max Cutler
23↓ 20Steve Pratt
24↓ 22Howard Stern
25↑ 81Donald Albright
26↓ 25Paul Vogel
27↑ 101Jen Sargent
28↓ 27Bandrew Scott
29↓ 28Ashley Flowers
30↑ 124Jennay Horn

Source: We match names and companies mentioned in Podnews’s main newsletter editorial (stories, tips, tech and podcast news) between February 1 and April 30, and compare these figures with mentions between January 1 and March 31. Jobs, events, press releases or separate articles are not included in the above data. Where two or more people have the same number of mentions, we bias newer entries to our database. Our data does not include racial or sexual diversity.

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