Empathy For The Devil: iconic misunderstood musicians

Empathy For The Devil: iconic misunderstood musicians

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Today marks the announcement of an intriguing new partnership between Message Heard, known for their purpose-driven podcast productions, and Attune, a dedicated provider of mental health and well-being services to talent-based industries. Together, they are launching Empathy For The Devil - a unique podcast that offers a deep dive into the lives of talented artists who departed too soon, under circumstances often clouded by societal judgments and controversy.

“Empathy For The Devil” seeks to replace judgement with understanding. It aims to bring empathy and compassion to the stories of individuals like Brian Jones, Whitney Houston, and Lil Peep, exploring their lives through a bio-psycho-social lens within their cultural contexts.

The podcast is co-hosted by three presenters from Attune: Sam Parker, Matt Thomas, and Chula Goonewardene. Each has considerable personal and professional experience in the music industry and has worked in the fields of mental health, addiction, trauma, and recovery. Their diverse perspectives provide fresh insights into these complex narratives in an easy going and understandable way.

Season One

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The first season, featuring six weekly episodes starting July 11th, will be available in video format on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Matt Thomas, co-founder of Attune, shared his excitement about the collaboration: “Working with Message Heard has enabled us to transform our passion and insights into an amazing body of work. We’re so proud to bring these deeply human and relatable stories to a broad audience, with the aim of fostering greater understanding and empathy to anyone experiencing these kinds of issues.”

Jake Warren, founder Message Heard added, “Empathy For The Devil shows that you can make a podcast that is deeply compelling without playing to the gallery – respecting the lives and dignity of the people at the heart of these stories, and being curious and intentional in the approach. We’re so fortunate to have partnered with Sam, Matt and Chula, whose personal experience so viscerally informs their attitude and insights.”

“Empathy For The Devil” promises to be more than just a podcast; it’s an emotional and educational journey that offers insight into the lives of those who have touched many through their art, but were often misunderstood in their personal lives.

About Message Heard

Message Heard was founded in 2018 to create podcasts with purpose, and has made award-winning shows for itself, the BBC, Spotify and more, as well as for a broad range of organisations including The British Council, The House of Commons and The Kyiv Independent.

About Attune

Attune, as a dedicated provider of mental health and well-being services, is committed to deliveringholistic support and resources. With its team of skilled professionals, Attune excels in recognising andresponding to the intricate needs of people and teams in talent-based industries.


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