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One ear
Franco Antonio Giovanella

Mix to Mono - how to enable one-eared listening

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Stereo podcast listening can usually be good: but not for everyone.

Some people don’t have perfect hearing. Some people walk the dog with just one earphone in. Some people get annoyed with hard-stereo audio.

Some podcast apps have a special “mix to mono” feature: but you can turn this on for every podcast app. Here’s how.

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Go to the Settings App > Accessibility > Audio/Visual, then turn on Mono Audio.

Or, just wear one AirPod. If you only wear one AirPod, the audio coming out of that AirPod is mixed to mono.


Go to the Settings App > search “mono” > turn on mono audio.

Or, just wear one Pixel Bud. If you only wear one, the audio coming out of that Pixel Bud is mixed to mono.

Mac OS

Go to System Settings > search “mono” > "play stereo audio as mono”.


Hit the Start button, then select Settings > Accessibility > Audio, and then switch on the Mono audio toggle.

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