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Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery, returns January 8, 2020

PRESS RELEASE — January 7, 2020

Chicago IL, USA—HartLife NFP announces the return of their critically acclaimed audio fiction podcast Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery for its second season. Season Two of Unwell takes us even deeper into the mystery of Mount Absalom, including explorations of the Burning Woods and the Mount Absalom Observatory, and both new and familiar faces. Joining the cast this season are Symphony Sanders (Welcome to Night Vale), Matt Young (Hello from the Magic Tavern), and Anuja Vaidya, among others.

The season will launch on January 8, 2020, and release every other Wednesday, with a planned mid-season hiatus. There are twelve episodes in season two. Unwell can be found on all major podcast providers or at

Unwell has received praise from listeners and critics, and was included on Polygon and Discover Pods’ Best of 2019 lists.

“Unwell is a triumph of writing and sound design, with spookiness and a creeping sense of dread rooted the detailed design of the haunted house. …One of the best debuts of 2019.” - Eleña Fernandez Collins, Discover Pods

“HartLife’s new podcast series Unwell is a good example horror storytelling…The show sits nicely alongside other shows that have come out in recent years, like straight-up horror stories like the BBC’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, an adapted a story by H.P. Lovecraft, or nonfiction programs like This American Life’s S-Town, about a man named John whose story plays out like an elaborate southern gothic novel.” - Andrew Liptak, The Verge

“Unwell’s wise ear for stillness, its naturalistic dialogue and production, its compelling protagonist, and its knack for humor all culminate in one of the most fascinating, exciting premiers of the year so far.” - Wil Williams, Wil Williams Reviews

Season two is written by Jim McDoniel, Jessica Best, Jessica Wright Buha, and Bilal Dardai, and directed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner. Sound designers for the season include lead sound designer Ryan Schile, Eli McIlveen, Sarah D. Espinoza, Alexander Danner, Hannah Foerschler, and Jeffrey Nils Gardner. The season’s executive producers are Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Nils Gardner

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Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery
By HartLife NFP

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