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Adam McKay’s Hyperobject Industries is set to launch two new comedy podcasts, both humorously anchored in nature. Tiny Dinos premiered on May 7, with episodes dropping weekly on Tuesdays; and Walkin’ About on May 15, 2024, with episodes dropping weekly on Wednesdays. Both series will be available on major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.

McKay says: “Connor, James and Allan are all very talented comedians, and Lord knows we all can use some laughter these days. But they’re also asking questions that boldly challenge the international corporate power structure like ‘What happens if I start taking regular walks?’ And ‘What would happen if we brought dinosaurs back but they were super tiny?’”

Tiny Dinos comes from the imagination of Connor Ratliff, whose Dead Eyes podcast became a fan favorite with many Hollywood actors and filmmakers, and collaborator James III. In Tiny Dinos, Ratliff takes improv to the next level as he and his co-host James III pose as brilliant scientists and best friends who revive dinosaurs in miniature form. As they absurdly proceed to cleverly sidestep a “JURASSIC PARK '' situation, they invite special guests for a unique blend of interviews and improv. Guests include Laren Lapkus who discusses the intricacies of keeping a dino-secret; as well as comedians such as Jason Mantzoukas, who feature as inquisitive neighbors and overbearing bosses, Adam Conover, John Hodgman and Adam McKay; intensifying the challenge Connor and James face in maintaining secrecy about their tiny prehistoric world.

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Connor Ratliff, co-creator and host of Tiny Dinos: “James and I have been wanting to make a 'people running from dinosaurs’ movie for ages, but giant movie dinosaurs are expensive. We came up with the idea to make the dinos really, really small instead. When Hyperobject offered us the chance to make a comedy podcast, our problems were solved -- we could do it all with music & sound effects! We didn’t think to return to full-sized dinosaurs, because by then we had fallen in love with the idea that we were two scientists who created tiny dinos.”

In Walkin’ About, Allan McLeod moseys through the streets, parks, and public spaces that shape our cities. The series is a deep dive into the world of walking, led by McLeod’s obsessive love for strolling, incorporating tranquil nature hikes to drunk wandering home from the bar. Joined by guests, including Emmy-nominated comedians Janet Varney, Andy Richter and Ed Begley JR., as well as Eva Anderson, McLeod shares observations about local historical insights and ways of life, health benefits of walking to the tune of passionate and humorous narration.

Allan McLeod, creator and host of Walkin’ About: "I love walking. I love exploring and learning about the natural and built environments around me, so I wanted to create an audio diary; a portrait of a person, place, and time with a bit of history and an interesting soundscape. We’ve been brought up to believe the only way to get around is by car, and other ways of mobility like bicycles, public transit, and walking are unsafe and slow. I think it’s important to remind folks, ‘Hey, slow down, buster. Take a walk and look around!’”

Tiny Dinos and Walkin’ About are executive produced by Adam McKay and Hyperobject Industries’ Clare Slaughter and Harry Nelson.

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