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Self Transformed - Healthy Habits, Time Management, Working Mom, Fitness Tips, Whole30, Easy Meal Prep, Weight Loss

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Self Transformed - Healthy Habits, Time Management, Working Mom, Fitness Tips, Whole30, Easy Meal Prep, Weight Loss

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A self improvement, education, fitness, health podcast from Emily Nichols | Habit Coach, Fitness & Whole30 Coach

Hey, girl! I know what it feels like to keep failing on your health goals, to feel like you are always starting and stopping the next diet or workout program, and not having any consistency with your habits or routines around wellness. You know it’s time to make a change in your life and say YES to yourself… but it feels so hard. There aren’t enough hours in the day and you feel guilty when you DO take time for yourself.

But you know you NEED a massive transformation for your body and mind. You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup… BUT WHERE TO START?

You’ve already tried and stopped and started every health plan out there, but nothing has worked for you yet. Don’t worry friend - I’m your host, Emily Nichols, and I get it. I am known for helping women transform by creating your own simple and sustainable health plan with my habit hacking tools in not a lot of time and without the guilt.

I’m also a busy working #boymom and wife who used to put everyone else first and felt physically and emotionally drained every day until I began these simple habit hacks myself.

When I finally started taking care of myself starting with my nutrition, it snowballed into moving my body and even more importantly--a huge mindset transformation rooted in deeper faith and personal development. Before I knew it, I developed my own simple and sustainable health plan method that I now teach you inside of this podcast and my signature program, Self Transform U.

It’s time to lose the guilt, stop comparing yourself to other working mamas who appear to have their lives together (spoiler alert: none of us do), stop the yo–yo dieting, make time for joyful movement, lose the frustration you feel daily because you feel like you will never have time for self care, and stop the starting and stopping cycle to finally make your healthy habits stick!

It’s time to simplify this for you with the easy habit hacks I will teach you that you can start implementing NOW to begin your transformation because, friend, I truly believe that your self transformation doesn’t need to be hard.

Along with my simple habit hacks, time management and sustainable self care strategies, you will hear from inspiring guests who will educate, motivate and pour into you practical healthy habits that are easy to implement such as how to make fitness work for you, food freedom and nutrition guidance, Whole30 tips, how to make those mindset shifts, and how to make choices that turn into daily habits (in addition to some real emotions & laughs.)

Friend, I want to give you these habit hacking tools to help you make time for you guilt free and create a sustainable health plan and strategy that will carry you through all seasons of life. Let’s begin your own transformation from the inside/out in order to start feeling your best and stop merely surviving, but thriving!

So are you ready to begin your transformation journey? Let’s go!

***Emily is a Certified Personal Trainer, Orangetheory Coach, Whole30 Certified Coach, Behavior Change Specialist & Taco Tuesday Enthusiast**

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**new round of my signature program, SELF TRANSFORM U, starts next month!

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