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Astrology Coach

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Astrology Coach

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An education podcast from iHeartPodcasts Australia & Deadset Studios

The planets hold plenty of clues about how, when, and why events unfold. Astrologer Natasha Weber – a.k.a @AstroTash – is here to help you make sense of it all – she’s your very own Astrology Coach.
 Imagine if you could take a few unknowns out of life, if you knew just when your stars were about to align.
 Is now really the right time to re-download Tinder? Should you go for that exciting new job, or ask your boss for a pay rise? Do you book those flights to Vegas or prioritise that house deposit? Astrology Coach is your timely update on the cosmic climate, with new episodes every Monday and Friday.
 And to help you understand what’s really going on for you right now, every episode ends with a personalised tarot card reading, drawn just for you. It’s a completely unique card, drawn randomly to help you think through the million tiny decisions you make every day – and maybe the big ones too. The Queen of Cups might show up to shed light on a confusing relationship, or you might draw The Wheel of Fortune reminding you that after every low comes a high. Whatever card you draw, there’s a helpful takeaway to get you through the day.
If you’re looking for answers, Natasha Weber is here to help you find clues in the zodiac. There’s a whole constellation to guide you, there might be more to your star sign than you thought. 
 Astrology Coach: Never miss a forecast.

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