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Bryony Gordon's Mad World

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A health & fitness podcast from The Telegraph

Intimate conversations about getting unwell - and getting better - with Bryony Gordon. From household names to ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Because mental health deserves to be talked about.

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World is a podcast hosted by Bryony Gordon dedicated to exploring the depths of mental health, focusing on openness, vulnerability, and personal journeys. With a unique blend of candid conversations and interviews with celebrities, public figures, and experts, the podcast sheds light on the often stigmatized topic of mental health.

In each episode, Bryony Gordon tackles various subjects, including addiction, stress, depression, and self-esteem. By delving into these issues, Bryony offers a safe space for guests to share their personal experiences, providing listeners with relatable stories that inspire empathy and understanding.

The podcast addresses a wide array of mental health challenges, from breakdowns to addictions and even thoughts of suicide. Through these conversations, Bryony Gordon encourages an atmosphere of support and awareness, fostering a sense of community for those navigating their mental health journeys.

Additionally, Bryony delves into the transformative power of sobriety, exploring how individuals have reclaimed their lives from addiction to substances like alcohol, drugs, and gambling. It sheds light on the road to recovery and the challenges faced along the way.

By sharing stories of resilience and recovery, Bryony offers hope for those in need, emphasising the importance of self-care, self-knowledge, and relaxation in fostering mental wellness. The podcast goes beyond the darkness of mental health struggles to celebrate moments of joy, happiness, and personal triumph.

Through her conversations, Bryony sparks a dialogue about mental health, raising awareness and breaking down societal barriers. It serves as a reminder that vulnerability and seeking help are not signs of weakness but rather acts of strength and self-care.

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