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Unlock Your Freedom with Kiera Miller

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Unlock Your Freedom with Kiera Miller

A society podcast from Kiera Miller: Storyteller


Each episode lasts 45-90 minutes
Launched: July 2018

If you’re done feeling enslaved to shame, we empower you to unlock your freedom through sharing people’s stories who’ve owned their truth and overcome shame, AND we surround you with a supportive community who encourages you on your journey.

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Kiera’s “Unlock Your Freedom” Story…

If you’re looking to leave the shackles of shame behind and unlock the freedom that awaits you, you’ve already taken a major step on your journey – clicking on this podcast.

You’re tired of hiding, you’re ready to own your truth, and you need inspiration + a supportive community. I know this because I’m right there with you. You don’t have to do this alone anymore. Because the stories I get to share with you and this community will empower you to own your truth and unlock your freedom.

My name is Kiera Miller. I’ve always been a black sheep, but I didn’t know how to embrace my uniqueness so I remained silent and conformed.

Examples: In high school when my peers bragged about getting “trashed”, I pretended to laugh…but deep down my heart broke for them and I went home crying because I cared so much about people. I tried to “fit in” with the popular crowd, but was rejected. I wanted to be as successful as my brother so I followed in his footsteps and yet I failed miserably. I’ve struggled with my sexuality and gender identity, so I even pretended to be someone else for almost 10 years – or “catfishing” as the world calls it.

But I got caught…and when I did, I felt even more ashamed, exposed, lost, and very alone. I couldn’t see my purpose. I refrained from telling anyone for a long time because I thought what I did made me too broken and ugly to be loved. I also didn’t want to feel any wounds again…I just wanted to stay silent and pretend like none of it had happened.

Throughout my darkest times, I’ve always turned to people’s stories for hope, inspiration, and to be reminded that I am not alone. And then I share these stories with my loved ones in hopes that it will have the same impact. The most powerful lesson I’ve learned is that the truth will ALWAYS set you free. 100% of the time. You may experience pain, confusion, doubt, and loneliness at first…but once you are able to work through that you will no longer be burdened by your secret.

So since coming clean a few years ago, I’ve been empowered to own my truth and unlock my freedom. The more I talk about my past, the less power it has over me. I’ve shared my story with family, friends, and now you. I know that many of you, in some capacity, have pretended to be someone you’re not because you are afraid people won’t love the real you. I’ve been there too and have made it through to the other side. That’s why I’m sharing my story & other people’s with you – because I believe these testimonies will inspire you to embrace your identity and overcome whatever shame is holding you back from living a fulfilling life.

Here’s what I know now…I am more unique than ever, yet being my authentic self has brought courage, self-compassion, joy, love, creativity, purpose, and belonging. It has completely transformed my life. And I know the same will be true for you. So together let’s leave shame behind, own our truth, and unlock our freedom.

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