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The Silliest Superest Heroest Podcast

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The Silliest Superest Heroest Podcast

A comedy podcast from Aaron Simmonds/Andrew Roach Talent Ltd/Gag Reflex Ltd

Have you ever wanted to swing through the air like Spider-man? Have Wonder Woman’s high kick? Or have Superman’s laser eyes? What if you could have all of them?! (theoretically). Are you passionate about who’s face is best - Captain America’s or Thor’s? Who would you want to hang out with at a party - Magneto or Ghost Rider? Who’s better in bed - The Hulk or Robocop? The answer to these and so much other nonsense is in The Silliest Superest Heroest Podcast.

Join your friendly neighbourhood comedian Aaron Simmonds and his guests every week as they battle it out to combine different parts of your favourite superheroes in order to create the SUPEREST hero ever.

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