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Canned Peaches: A Deadwood Podcast

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Canned Peaches: A Deadwood Podcast

A tv reviews podcast from Wooder Cooler Podcasts
This podcast is about Philly

Well, look what the fu*kin cat dragged in. Another co*ksu*ker interested in our humble Deadwood podcast. If I was a believin’ man I’d say the good lord was showing us favor sending us a listener of intellectual superiority and a love of the fu*kin’ subject at hand. I’ll not inquire further as to the extent of your knowledge, but don’t confuse my hospitality as lack of curiosity. My hand on whatever you swear by that we aim for a fun and fu*kin interesting deliberation of each of Deadwood’s offerings for those no stranger to place, but without much prognostication as to not upset the hoopleheads that are just now making their first pass through. Nevermindin where the co*ksuckers have been. Be ye stranger of familiar face, make yourself at home. EB’s got a room for you across the way.

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