Awards for podcasting and podcasters

The ARIAS are the UK audio and radio awards presented annually to recognise, honour and reward outstanding shows and the teams behind them.

Australian Podcast Awards

Black Podcasting Awards
OUR MISSION: celebrate, spotlight, and bolster Black podcasts to more successes and wins

British Podcast Awards

Canadian Podcast Awards
An industry award to highlight Canadian talent and diversity in podcasting.

Golden Crane Awards

IDA Awards
Dedicated exclusively to the documentary genre

iHeartPodcast Awards
The major Podcast Awards program where your vote will decide who wins.

Independent Podcast Awards
The Independent Podcast Awards are the brand new awards launched for those podcasts that are truly free of corporate ties.

International Women's Podcast Awards
The International Women’s Podcast Awards recognise moments of brilliance in podcasting and the women and people of diverse genders that produce them.

Irish Podcast Awards

Latin Podcast Awards
The Latin Podcast Awards will honor the Hispanic/Latinx podcaster. We will also celebrate the contributions made by other Latin and Non-Latin members of the podcasting community who have made a significant contribution to the Latinx podcast industry.

Peabody Awards
Stories that matter

The Ambies
The awards for excellence in audio

The Podcast Awards
Honoring podcasters since 2005

The Shorty Awards
An international awards competition honoring the best work by brands, agencies, nonprofits, and individuals across digital and social platforms.

The Signal Awards
Podcasts are Everything

The Webby Awards

The Whickers
The award for a factual or documentary podcasts

Third Coast International Audio Festival
Year-round, virtual-first programming that fiercely values equity, community, and experimentation in audio.

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