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About this website, and our privacy policy

August 23, 2018 · Updated May 21, 2020 · 6.8 minutes to read

This website, our newsletter and our podcast are intended to be a quick, daily update with global news for those involved in podcasting and on-demand audio. It launched in June 2017.

Here’s how to submit a news story to us, and our relevant editorial disclosures.

In January 2020, our website had 47,300 users. Opened emails were 73% North America (inc Gmail), 22% Europe, 4% APAC. We have an average open-rate of around 39%, significantly above the average. We currently have 13,532 active newsletter subscribers.

It’s read by senior podcasting industry management, including CEOs and divisional heads. Email subscriptions include users within:

It is curated by James Cridland. With over 28 years in the radio and online business, in 2005 James helped launch the first daily podcast from a UK radio station and the world’s first radio station streaming app, and has been operating online publications since 1993. He offers a truly international view: a Brit, living in Australia, working for companies across the world including North America. This daily newsletter is a unique opportunity to contextualise the international podcast landscape.

Title sponsorship is available on a monthly basis. Please contact for more details. We also have other ways to support us.

James is an accomplished public speaker, and is available to speak or moderate at your next event.

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This website is published by Podnews LLC (“us”, “we”). We acknowledge and respect the ancestral homelands of the Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the area in Australia where we live and work.

You can contact the publisher of this website, James Cridland, at

Our editorial postal address is 29 Outlook Crescent, Bardon QLD 4065 AUSTRALIA - we like nice things. T-shirt size: large.

Correction Policy

We welcome requests for correction or clarification to

At our discretion, we may update the original article, including publicly updating the last-modified date (in schema as 'dateModified’). We do not explicitly highlight corrections nor retain incorrect text on archived articles. If it’s a correction we feel we should highlight, we’ll do so in the next available newsletter, hyperlinked to the amended page.

Privacy Policy

We collect email addresses for our newsletter using our own newsletter server. The email list is not available to any third party. We will not use your email address for any purpose other than to send you the newsletter that you have subscribed to. We have an unsubscribe button on every single mailing.

When subscribing using the website, we require double opt-in, to ensure that the email address is yours. We also passively collect your country, obtained from your IP address.

In common with many newsletters, we monitor open rates (so we know when/if you open the newsletter), and may monitor clicks on each story on both the web and emails (so we know which story you find interesting). We do not give any personally-identifiable data about you or your behaviour to any third party. We may aggregate information in a non-personal way for current/potential advertisers, or for bragging rights.

You can unsubscribe directly from every newsletter. That will instantly stop emails to you, and send you user account deletion information.

We use AMP Project framework code, served by Google. You can read Google’s privacy policy.

We use Amazon AWS infrastructure to cache, host and serve this site and our podcast, including Amazon’s domain-name services and to send emails. You can read their privacy policy. We collect site logs including IP addresses and user-agents for technical and budgetary reasons. These site logs are deleted after 180 days.

Podnews is hosted within the EU. We use a mixture of EU and US-based email servers. Received email is mirrored on global infrastructure operated by a variety of organisations.

Our classified advertising system collects your email address. It uses Stripe to collect payments; when you pay by credit card, your address, zip code, IP address and other personal details are collected by Stripe. Much of that data is available to us in Stripe’s dashboard (though we can’t see your full credit card number). Here’s Stripe’s privacy policy.

Audio files played on our podcast pages are referenced directly from the podcast provider.


To read Podnews (on our website or in email) we do not require cookies.

We use Google Analytics to monitor visit numbers and user behaviour (including play/pause/skip etc on our podcast pages). We remove data in Google Analytics after 26 months; the AMP code we use anonymises IP addresses by default, and we have added the anonymisation code to non-AMP elements. You can learn about Google Analytics’ privacy policy and opt out of Google Analytics completely by using this tool. You can also use your browser in “private” or “incognito” mode to look like a brand new user every time you browse the web.

Our classified advertising system does use personal cookies so we know who you are, and we clearly ask for your consent as you log in. These cookies are only visible to our website to pages within the /classifieds/ folder, and are otherwise discarded by our CDN before they’re visible at our origin server.

For podcast listeners

This section is intended for listeners of the Podnews podcast, which is available on a variety of third-party platforms.

Most apps or devices download our audio directly from our server. We use this data for our own analysis as part of our log files. In this interaction, in its entirety, we get to know five things about you:

  1. Your device’s user agent (the name of the app you’re using, and often the type of device you’re connecting with).
  2. Sometimes we learn a referral address, showing us the website or path you took to listen to the podcast.
  3. Your IP address. This is a 12-digit number, from which it is possible to work out your approximate location, often down to your suburb, and the name of your ISP or mobile provider. Sometimes it’s possible to work out your employer or school from an IP address.
  4. The date and time of the download.
  5. What file you downloaded, and whether you downloaded all of it or just a little bit.

We use two third-party services to monitor our podcast downloads:

Whatever app you listen on, your playback data may also be collected by that app, and you should check the privacy policy of the podcast app that you use.


We have a full RSS feed at It’s intended for personal use. It also functions as our podcast feed, with audio enclosures. Audio is normally around three minutes, and uses broadcast-friendly language: it is suitable for rebroadcast with permission.

We have a very simple JSON feed of our last published update (headline and link) at We use this for cross-promotion.

Copyright and terms of use

This website is copyright © Podnews LLC. Reproduction is prohibited without our written permission.

Information you submit to us with the intention of being published is deemed to be licensed to us for our use.

Information is provided “as is” without any warranty as to accuracy, quality or fitness for purpose. You use this website at your own risk.

Updates to this policy

21 May 2020: Our site logs, which includes logs for our audio accesses, were being kept indefinitely. They are now automatically deleted after 180 days (and as of this date, all logs have been deleted from 180 days ago and earlier).

31 Jan 2020: No material changes. We added Google Analytics instrumentation to our podcast player in podcast pages today, so we’ve clarified that we’ve done that.

23 Sep 2019: No material changes to the privacy policy; we updated the website visit numbers and email geographic breakdown, and added a new advertising sales email address. PS: the total subscriber number in this page will now always update.

16 July 2019: Podnews is now legally published by Podnews LLC, a Delaware limited liability company. This has otherwise meant no changes to our privacy policy or hosting infrastructure. We’ve also taken the time to clarify the countries in which our physical infrastructure is located.

10 June 2019: We added a “for podcast listeners” section, making our use of Chartable clear.

4 June 2019: We removed a paragraph about Google AdSense use: we’ve not had AdSense on this website for over twelve months. We also have corrected our site log collection policy.

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