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Podcast availability

April 23, 2019 · Updated June 24, 2019

How many podcasts are also available in Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Luminary? Here’s a look at the most recently published podcasts viewed in our podcast pages, and whether we found them in the other large directories.

Xi Day
The xi-editor contributors
J Cleveland Payne's Podcast Pep Talk
J Cleveland Payne / Spreaker
Untitled Dad Project
Spoke Media / Megaphone
Enso Official Soundcloud Podcast
Enso / Soundcloud
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Unqualified Media / Libsyn
On Change with Petro du Pisani
Petro Du Pisani | Solid Gold Studios /
Sleepy Time Tales
David Couto / Libsyn
Bulle Media
Nyans Muslim
FT Work & Careers
Financial Times / Acast
Alfonso Martínez (Ryo Suzuki)
Amaeya FM / Podiant
To hvite menn
4 Things with Amy Brown
Nashville Podcast Network / Megaphone
Die Seriensprechstunde
Ulrike Klode und Marco Maas
Bedtime Explorers
Kinderling Kids Radio / Omny Studio
Her & Her / Soundcloud
Starburns Audio / Megaphone
The Vanished Podcast
Wondery / ART19
Piąte: Nie zabijaj
Justyna Mazur / Spreaker
Always Listening: Podcast News
Two Guys and a Rogue Network / Spreaker
Amplified Radio Network
Amplified Radio Network
Kenneth Frankly
Kenneth Frankly Productions / Libsyn

How we calculated this: We check whether the identical RSS feed used in iTunes is also in use in Google Podcasts; and we check for an exact name match in Spotify and Stitcher. Some podcast hosts allow a name-change just for these platforms, and in which case, this check will fail. This page updates daily.

Here’s more information about how to get listed in Google Podcasts
Here’s Spotify’s podcast portal, Stitcher’s content provider section, and Luminary’s advice to get listed.

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