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New Study Finds Personalized AI-Generated Ads Are 22% More Effective at Increasing Brand Favorability

Press Release · Boca Raton, FL, USA ·

Instreamatic, whose advanced voice and audio marketing solutions empower brands to better engage with consumers, today announced the results of third-party research that analyzed the performance of both generic and personalized AI-generated audio ads compared to a control group exposed to neither. The study was performed by audio research and analytics platform, Veritonic, on a campaign run by dentsu for Intel.

The audio ad campaign focused on the high-performance Intel® Evo™ Edition laptop brand and measured brand awareness, brand favorability, purchase intent, and memorability. The study surveyed three audiences: one exposed to listener-personalized AI-generated audio ads, one exposed to generic AI-generated audio ads, and a control group not exposed to ads. Ads were inserted into streaming radio and podcast listening environments, and the same audience hearing those ads was recontacted and surveyed 48 hours later to measure key brand metrics.

Veritonic’s study results indicate a consumer readiness for AI-generated audio ads, with both generic and personalized AI ad variations outperforming the control group. Audio ads with personalized, context-driven creative also decisively outperformed those with generic creative. Among the quantitative conclusions from the study:

  • Personalized ads increased brand favorability by a staggering 18-22 percentage points. While generic AI-generated creative increased brand favorability by 9% over those not exposed to the campaign, personalized AI-generated creative across all platforms drove significant brand favorability lifts as high as 22 percentage points. Additionally, 62% of those exposed to personalized ads reported they were likelier to think favorably of a brand that personalizes its message.
  • Personalized ads boosted purchase intent by 15-18 percentage points. By comparison, generic AI creative drove a 3% increase. Additionally, 60% of those exposed to the personalized AI campaign reported being more likely to consider purchasing from a brand offering personalized ads.
  • Listening to personalized ads increased brand awareness by 6-12 percentage points. Additionally, 73% of those hearing personalized AI-generated ads reported being more likely to pay attention to ads personalized just for them.
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Instreamatic’s AI-fueled audio ad technology provides voice AI capabilities that allow agencies and brands to generate entire campaigns—including thousands of personalized and creative ad variations—from a single original voice sample and script. Instreamatic’s platform identifies parameters unique to each listener’s current environment, enabling contextual audio ads to include hyper-personalized details. For example, ads can mention the listener’s location, the time of day, their current activity (such as listening to a podcast), and the app or platform they use for that activity. Personalized AI-generated ads can also include the nearest store and address where the listener can redeem an offer, promo codes for performance tracking, and more.

The study also shows how AI can be strategically used to generate better campaign results with a fraction of the time and cost expenditures required by traditional audio ads. Where a single traditional audio campaign creative would require extensive studio costs and 4-6 weeks to produce, Instreamatic’s platform can prepare that same ad in three minutes. Where recording thousands of ad versions personalized and contextualized to each listener would require months of voice work and be virtually impossible to execute, Instreamatic can prepare entire campaigns in just hours.

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