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The Journey Begins | DND Campaign Act I EP 001 (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 23 2022
Episode 047 - What if Pinocchio, but Bloodborne? (feat. Ghost) (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 20 2022
Episode 046 - Flashpoint (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 30 2022
Episode 045 - Phase 5: Financial Ruin (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 16 2022
Episode 044 - The Trolley Problem (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 30 2022
Episode 043 - A Tangent Q&A (feat. K) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 22 2022
Episode 042 - The State of Play (feat. K) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 7 2022
Episode 041 - Which Batman is Best? (feat. Nick Aquilino) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 19 2022
Episode 040 - Disney: The Beginning of the End? (feat. Nick Aquilino) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 10 2022
Episode 039 - Jake Gets Ratio'd by the Undead (link not available)
Direct links:
May 28 2022
Episode 038 - The Story So Far... My Hero Academia (Part 3) (link not available)
Direct links:
May 21 2022
Episode 037 - The Story So Far... My Hero Academia (Part 2) (link not available)
Direct links:
May 16 2022
Episode 036 - The Story So Far... My Hero Academia (Part 1) (link not available)
Direct links:
May 6 2022
Episode 035 - The Saga of Blörgragna Begins (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 28 2022
Episode 034 - If it exists, there’s art of it (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 22 2022
Episode 033 - Where Everything Goes Wrong (feat. A Ghost) (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 15 2022
Episode 032 - The Slap Heard Around the World (link not available)
Direct links:
Apr 7 2022
Episode 031 - War, Wars, and Warps (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 30 2022
Season Two Trailer (link not available)
Direct links:
Mar 26 2022
Episode 030 - The Finale?? (feat. Erik) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jan 27 2022
Episode 029 - Well..F**k, My Eyes Are Cursed Forever (link not available)
Direct links:
Jan 13 2022
Episode 028 - New Year, New Reactions! (feat... TWO Ghosts?!) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jan 6 2022
Episode 027 - Tony the Tiger is in another scandal?! (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 30 2021
Episode 026 - Our Very CURSED Christmas! (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 23 2021
Episode 025 - Art Episode 2 (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 16 2021
Episode 024 - Zombies: The Next Pandemic (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 8 2021
Episode - 023 - DarkMaestro: A Simp for Anime Artists (link not available)
Direct links:
Dec 2 2021
Episode 022 - TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 24 2021
Episode 021 - What the f**k are we doing (Feat. A Ghost) (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 18 2021
Episode 020 - Smash Game (link not available)
Direct links:
Nov 5 2021
Episode 019 - Halloween Experiences (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 28 2021
Episode 018 - Horror Manga (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 21 2021
Episode 017 - Horror Movies (feat. Nick Aquilino) (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 14 2021
Episode 016 - Horror Games (link not available)
Direct links:
Oct 6 2021
Episode 015 - Heartbreakers Deluxe: Media that utterly destroyed us (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 30 2021
Episode 014 - All Around the World (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 23 2021
Episode 013 - Going to Maid Cafes to Lose My Soul (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 16 2021
Episode 012 - The Chronicles of YOUTUBE: The Drama, the Cancelled, and the UwU (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 9 2021
EPISODE 011: Dolphins do WHAT?! (link not available)
Direct links:
Sep 2 2021
Episode 010 - Zeus was TOO horny on main (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 25 2021
EPISODE 009 - Have you purchased a ROUNDMEAL yet? (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 19 2021
Episode 008 - Culinary Delights (With a side of CURSED) (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 12 2021
Episode 007 - Why do Villains like HANDS so much?! (link not available)
Direct links:
Aug 5 2021
Episode 006 - In space, no one can hear you scream (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 28 2021
Episode 005 - Marvel vs DC (YES, Martha we're doing this) (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 22 2021
Episode 004 - So you want to be an artist. (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 15 2021
Episode 003 - Revenge of the Sh*t (link not available)
Direct links:
Jul 1 2021
Episode 002- Musician's Paradise (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 24 2021
Episode 001 - It was actually TWO trees (link not available)
Direct links:
Jun 17 2021

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