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The Line of Fire with Ramita Navai - all episodes

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Sebastian Junger : Some sand sort of sprayed into the side of my face. I was like, damn, what was that? And then I heard the burst
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Jun 29 2022
Guillermo Galdos (part two) : Two Black Hawk helicopters appeared on top of us…spraying with bullets. I remember hearing the trees falling down. It looked like the end of the world
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Jun 22 2022
Guillermo Galdos (part one) : This guy was shooting his gun.... And suddenly they hit him in the head, right in the forehead. And I remember thinking, what the hell am I doing here?
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Jun 15 2022
Anas Aremeyaw Anas : We don’t care you are journalists. The rule is simple. We will kill you
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Jun 8 2022
Mais Al-Bayaa (part two) : I kept screaming “is anyone alive?” but I did not hear anyone. I genuinely thought I was dead
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Jun 1 2022
Mais Al-Bayaa (part one) : I was asleep in my bed, three bullets came just above my head and the curtain was burned
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May 25 2022
Sam Kiley : It wasn’t a question of talking your way out of it, it was all over, it was just waiting for the bullet
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May 18 2022
Shoaib Sharifi (part two) : Your head will be chopped after 4 o’ clock today. I felt, tasted and smelt death, and I cried
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May 11 2022
Shoaib Sharifi (part one) : My heart started pounding and the man with a dagger approaching to chop a head, and I fainted
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May 4 2022
Janine di Giovanni : I had been told this before that they would just assassinate me because they didn’t want any witnesses
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Apr 27 2022
Stuart Ramsay : lying on the back, just watching the whole car slowly but surely disintegrate… I said to myself I am going to die and I wonder if it's going to hurt
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Apr 20 2022
Clarissa Ward : Two thoughts…I really might die, this could be it… and what am I doing here?
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Apr 11 2022
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Mar 28 2022

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