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We Were Always Here

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We Were Always Here

A society podcast from Broccoli Productions

Latest series:
We Were Always Here:
2021 marks 40 years since the first cases of HIV or as it was known then 'Gay-Related Immune Deficiency’, were identified. It would go on to become one of the most impactful and stigmatised global pandemics in history. This series brings together the unheard voices and the untold stories of those who were most affected but are often missing from the mainstream narratives. The experiences of women, Black People, Trans Community, Sex workers. Clinicians on the front line, People of Colour, volunteers who built helplines from their bedrooms, that rallied together so that no one had to be alone. These are stories of loss, activism, rage, resilience, and - most importantly - community.

The series is produced and sound designed by Hana Walker-Brown and hosted by Marc Thompson who has lived with HIV since 1986. He has been on the frontlines of social justice activism and education and is one of Britain’s most prominent HIV activists.

Previous series:

Living On A Prayer: We’ve all seen the headlines… In the 1990s, criminal cases and Irish government enquiries established countless acts of abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church. With public outrage leading to rapid social change, how much power does the Catholic Church still hold over modern day Ireland? In this one off-documentary, Rory Boyle examines the shift in public opinion that led to landslide victories in recent marriage equality and abortion referendums, ultimately asking if the Irish Catholic Church still has a prayer…

In Touch: In this documentary series, sex educator Ruby Rare draws on her own personal and professional experience to offer an intimate and playful education around the different ways we connect to our bodies and to each other. Ruby speaks to experts, porn creators and even her parents to explore and understand the very unique ways that we each approach sex and sexuality.

The Stitch Up: Fashion. It’s big business. But it’s also got big problems. In this one off documentary, Bea Duncan examines how we got here. What are the pressures causing us to overconsume, and how can we begin to curb them? How is lack of transparency causing confusion for consumers? And what can we do about a fashion industry that prioritizes profits over people and planet, all the while utilising clever marketing tactics and greenwashing to convince us otherwise. Well, as it turns out, all it takes is for us to pull on the thread a little harder…for the whole thing to unravel.

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