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Episode 19, Mess and Forgiveness - Coming of Age Narratives in Television and Media S2/E19
Direct links:
Nov 2 2021
Episode 18, Activating the Next Generation of Social Justice Filmmakers with Sam Hampton
Direct links:
Oct 5 2021
Episode 17, How Do You Behave When No One's Looking? SAG-AFTRA and the Labor Movement E17
Direct links:
Sep 7 2021
Episode 16, Why Read When You Can Watch? S1/E16
Direct links:
Aug 3 2021
Episode 15, What is a Social Justice Film (Part 3) S1/E15
Direct links:
Jul 6 2021
Episode 14, Two Large Popcorns and a Basket of Nachos, Please and Thank You (featuring John Trafton) S1/E14
Direct links:
Jun 8 2021
Episode 13, Rebellions Are Built On Hope
Direct links:
May 4 2021
Episode 12, The Big Secret: Racism Against Asian Americans S1/E12
Direct links:
Apr 6 2021
Episode 11, What is a Social Justice Film? (Part 2) S1/E11
Direct links:
Mar 2 2021
Michele Noble on Navigating the Film Festival Circuit and the Joys of Free Food S1/E10
Direct links:
Feb 2 2021
What is a Social Justice Film? (Part 1) S1/E9
Direct links:
Jan 5 2021
My Tropey Life: Disability Representation in Media with Annie Carl S1/E8
Direct links:
Dec 1 2020
Episode 7, Robert Greenwald and Voter Suppression S1/E7
Direct links:
Nov 3 2020
Beyond Scary: Social Justice in Horror S1/E6
Direct links:
Oct 6 2020
Cops on Film: Part II S1/E5
Direct links:
Sep 8 2020
Cops on Film: A Century of Police in Cinema S1/E4
Direct links:
Aug 5 2020
Emerging Filmmaker Maggie Budzyna S1/E3
Direct links:
Jul 7 2020
Emerging Filmmaker Kasha Sequoia Slavner S1/E2
Direct links:
Jun 9 2020
Resources for Racial Justice bonus S1/E1
Direct links:
Jun 2 2020
Superheroes & Social Justice? S1/E1
Direct links:
May 5 2020

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