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The Punies by Kobe Bryant - all episodes

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Know Your Teammates S2/E10
Direct links:
Nov 2 2019
Visualize S2/E9
Direct links:
Oct 26 2019
Sharpen Your Axe S2/E8
Direct links:
Oct 19 2019
Trust Your Skill S2/E7
Direct links:
Oct 12 2019
The Power of Problem Solving S2/E6
Direct links:
Oct 5 2019
Channel Your Anger S2/E5
Direct links:
Sep 28 2019
Swim Your Own Race S2/E4
Direct links:
Sep 21 2019
Can't Win Alone S2/E3
Direct links:
Sep 14 2019
Straight Talk S2/E2
Direct links:
Sep 7 2019
They Go Low, We Go High S2/E1
Direct links:
Aug 31 2019
Righteous Rivals S1/E10
Direct links:
Oct 27 2018
Push Through It S1/E9
Direct links:
Oct 20 2018
Trust Your Crew S1/E8
Direct links:
Oct 13 2018
The Inner Animal S1/E7
Direct links:
Oct 6 2018
It’s All Downhill From Here S1/E6
Direct links:
Sep 29 2018
You Gotta Fall to Land S1/E5
Direct links:
Sep 22 2018
Be Aware S1/E4
Direct links:
Sep 15 2018
Read the Field S1/E3
Direct links:
Sep 8 2018
Make a Splash S1/E2
Direct links:
Sep 1 2018
Take a Swing S1/E1
Direct links:
Aug 25 2018
Introducing The Punies trailer
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Aug 10 2018

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