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selamat hari sedih sedunia
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May 7 2020
Kotak Pos Eps. 03
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May 1 2020
ya udah mau gimana lagi
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Apr 24 2020
di atas kapal
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Apr 17 2020
untuk sebentar aja kita nggak perlu pura-pura kuat
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Apr 10 2020
pindah rumah
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Apr 3 2020
ini bukan cuma tentang merelakan
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Mar 27 2020
bahasa(n) masa lalu
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Mar 20 2020
misi penyelamatan hati
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Mar 13 2020
Kotak Pos Eps. 02
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Mar 6 2020
nanti juga sembuh sendiri
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Feb 28 2020
karena ada banyak hal yang harus di-gapapa-in trailer
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Feb 26 2020
Kotak Pos Eps. 01
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Feb 21 2020
sisa rahasia
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Feb 18 2020
orang sedih
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Nov 20 2019
balik bentar
Direct links:
Oct 30 2019
hak cinta
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Oct 13 2019
es teh manis satu, yang sedang aja, yang penting setia
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Sep 19 2019
oke, kita coba lagi.
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Sep 5 2019
diam-diam, jatuh
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Aug 1 2019
semesta enggak pernah ingkar janji
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Jul 11 2019
jaga jarak maaf
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Jul 4 2019
jalan pulang
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Jun 16 2019
bulan baik
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Jun 4 2019
titik temu
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May 29 2019
salam kenal
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May 23 2019

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