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The cure for Pi day!!!
Direct links:
Mar 14 2022
La SimetrΓ­a del Punk Rock
Direct links:
Feb 2 2022
Super Heroes in Halloween
Direct links:
Nov 9 2021
Los Numeros de Septiembre
Direct links:
Oct 7 2021
Math discovery, Pi, Nirvana and Daft Punk
Direct links:
Mar 16 2021
Christmas Rocks
Direct links:
Dec 16 2020
Thanksgiving (To all you Math Freaks out there!!!)
Direct links:
Nov 28 2020
Math Rocks Halloween Complete
Direct links:
Nov 6 2020
Teachers Rocking COVID19
Direct links:
May 13 2020
Psychodelic 60`s
Direct links:
Apr 15 2020
...It all began in the 50s
Direct links:
Dec 3 2019
Halloween Special
Direct links:
Nov 6 2019
Propiedades de los exponentes y exponentes del rock local parte 2 (en espaΓ±ol)
Direct links:
Oct 21 2019
Women in Math Women in Rock
Direct links:
May 27 2019
Formulas need a QUEEN!!!
Direct links:
May 13 2019
Meet Marymount SchoolΒ΄s Math teachers!!!
Direct links:
May 6 2019
Propiedades de los exponentes y exponentes del Rock Local (En EspaΓ±ol)
Direct links:
Apr 26 2019
Sets of Numbers and Sets of Rock
Direct links:
Apr 21 2019

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