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GOLF IN THE LIFE OF – education for golf instructors - deep links to episodes

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May 8, 2019: Golf instructors journey from $12,000 a year to $12,000 a month | Audio file

April 23, 2019: How to Start Adult Coaching Programs (after years of struggle) | Audio file

April 11, 2019: 3 Steps to Overcome Burnout as a Golf Instructor | Audio file

December 15, 2017: A Students Reflection of 2 Years of Coaching (what would your students say?!?) | Audio file

December 8, 2017: Breaking out of the ordinary and launching NEW programs with effective EMAIL MARKETING | Audio file

November 30, 2017: Shaun Webb & Mike Granato Talk About the Reality of Online Business in Golf | Audio file

November 16, 2017: Chris Smeal Shares the Lessons Learned from the Fastest Growing Jr Golf Tour – Future Champions Golf | Audio file

November 9, 2017: Andrew Rice shares 4 Unique Insights for EVERY Golf Instructor | Audio file

November 2, 2017: How to Create a Dedicated Team of Students (a case study) | Audio file

October 26, 2017: How to Get 120 Kids in your Jr Program (a case study) | Audio file

October 19, 2017: Ready, Fire, Aim: Getting Started with Group Coaching (a case study) | Audio file

October 12, 2017: 2017 Trends in Golf Instruction | Audio file

January 12, 2017: 5 Ways to Get MORE out of your Work Week w/ Will Robins | Audio file

January 5, 2017: Motivation and Mindsets for a New Year w/ Dr Bhrett McCabe | Audio file

December 15, 2016: 3 Tenets for Better Student Learning w/ Christopher Smith | Audio file

December 8, 2016: Managing Expectations with Students and Creating Better Training w/ Stuart Leong | Audio file

December 2, 2016: How to do Group Coaching at a Resort Golf Course w/ Max Persson | Audio file

November 18, 2016: The Future of Coaching Junior Golfers w/ Stuart Morgan | Audio file

November 11, 2016: From 0-45 Members in a Monthly Coaching Program w/ Elena King | Audio file

November 4, 2016: Using Playing Lessons to Fill Programs w/ Derek Hooper | Audio file

October 27, 2016: The Difference of Golf Coach vs Golf Instructor | Audio file

October 20, 2016: 3 Keys Any Golf Coach (anywhere) Can use to Launch Coaching Programs | Audio file

August 18, 2016: BONUS – Introducing Game Like Training Radio | Audio file

July 8, 2016: Helping Students Understand Self-Compassion w/ Dr Greg Cartin | Audio file

June 30, 2016: How to Fill Group Coaching Programs w/ On Course Assessments | Audio file

June 24, 2016: 2 Case Studies on How to Make Progress During the Busy Season | Audio file

June 16, 2016: Tony Ruggiero – Creating Community in Your Academy | Audio file

May 13, 2016: Martin Chuck – Just Get Started | Audio file

April 22, 2016: Group Coaching Q&A with Will Robins (part 2 of 2) | Audio file

April 14, 2016: Group Coaching Q&A with Will Robins (part 1 of 2) | Audio file

March 31, 2016: Coaches Conversation with Ron Gring & Adam Young | Audio file

March 24, 2016: What Every Golf Instructor Needs to Know About K-VEST | Audio file

March 19, 2016: Shawn Clement – How to Build an Audience Around Your Mission | Audio file

March 10, 2016: David Orr – Finding Your Niche in Golf Instruction Part 2 | Audio file

March 3, 2016: David Orr – Excellence vs Perfectionism Part 1 | Audio file

February 26, 2016: Supervised Practice Q&A with Chuck Evans | Audio file

February 18, 2016: Understanding the Zone and How to Access it with Dr Michael Lardon | Audio file

February 11, 2016: James Sieckmann – Don’t Just Teach, Coach | Audio file

January 26, 2016: Your Junior Program Needs Structure – Here’s one that works with Matt Reagan & Ryan Dailey | Audio file

January 21, 2016: Martin Hall – Better Today Than Yesterday | Audio file

January 14, 2016: Dr Bhrett McCabe – 5 Critical Habits to Stay Energized and Productive | Audio file

January 7, 2016: Jason Glass – Stop the New Year’s Resolution (here’s what to do instead) | Audio file

December 30, 2015: 12 Things to Remember from Golf in the Life of Guests in 2015 | Audio file

December 23, 2015: Liam Mucklow – Creating Additional Revenue from Technology | Audio file

December 17, 2015: Brandon Stooksbury – How to Write A Book CASE STUDY | Audio file

December 10, 2015: Matt Rudy – How Any Golf Instructor Can Write And Sell Their First Book | Audio file

October 15, 2015: Michael Hebron – Q&A | Audio file

October 9, 2015: Michael Hebron – The Paradigm Shift In Golf Instruction | Audio file

September 24, 2015: Stop Wasting Time on the Driving Range with Dr Tim Lee | Audio file

July 23, 2015: Think Bigger! Effectively Monetize your Education and Partnerships with Jeff Ritter and Tim Suzor | Audio file

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